WP Fund Scam: WP Fund app is not working since 2nd July 2022 morning 6 – 7 Am. No one knows who is behind this massive scam.

A number of innocent people losing massive amounts of their hard-earned money have not been revealed yet. Till now, nobody knows what is the exact amount of scams.

Let me tell you in detail about WP Fund Scam. Today, Wp Fund App also did a scam. BSA Fund Scam and WP Fund did a scam today 2nd July 2022 morning 6 – 7 Am.

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How WP Fund Scam works:

This is a referral-based app in which one can join only when he uses an invitation code or referral code. This app is not on Google Play Store or on the App store. Only a person who is using this app can send a download link to invite another person.

I have also got an invitation to WhatsApp from my friend. He has shown me his withdrawal proof. I have downloaded this app from the referral link. Invested Rs. 5000 using Google pay. And, bought a VIP worth Rs. 5000.

Till now this shows that the WP fund is not a scam. It is a genuine app.

This app got the popularity of gossip and the greed of people. Everyone started to invite to get a huge referral bonus (i.e. 1250 on each referral of Rs 5000). Even, people have started to create 3 – 4 accounts to get huge profits.

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WP Fund App Scam Video

How Wp Fund Scam Done:

Everyone found this genuine. No one has received any withdrawal form for 2 weeks. Everyone is waiting for today’s withdrawal.

But this app is not open from 4 pm. All the data has been lost. Everyone lost their money.

What to do now:

Please report to the nearby police station, cyber security and payment partners like Google pay, Paytm, Phone Pay and as like.

Some of us have already complained. Do it as soon as possible. Some of us have already complained. Do it as soon as possible. We suggest you file a complaint in the cybercrime cell of India. Recently Double Q app did a scam of crores in Gujrat, Punjab and another state of India in September 2021.


Please do not trust such a type of app which tells them they will multiply your investment in a short time. If you find such an app then please report it to the nearby police station, cyber security. Do not invest your earnings. Spread this message to your friends.

Koyanews is not responsible for any fraud done by this app. I have shared the information that I got till now.



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