Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election along with his vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has also been elected for the post.

Kamala is the first black and Asian American to run for office.

An Indian-Jamaican-born California MP, she once challenged Biden for the presidency.

Even after withdrawing from the race for the presidency, his name has always been in the news.


A former attorney general in California, she has been calling for police reform amid nationwide anti-apartheid protests.

First black woman vice president

For the first time in America, a woman has been elected Vice President. Due to the multi-ethnic identity of Kamala Harris, some other things will happen for the first time.

So far, only two other women have run for vice president in the United States.

Sarah Palin from the Republican Party in 2008 and Geraldine Ferraro from the Democrats in 1984.

Until now, black women in the United States had not received a ticket for the presidency.

What did Biden say?

Biden tweeted that he was “proud” to have elected Harry as vice president.

He called Kamala “a brave warrior and one of America’s best public servants.”

Biden also recalled how she worked with her late son when he was attorney general of California.

Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris, 55, withdrew from the presidential race in December.

She was born in Oakland, California.

His mother was born in India and his father was born in Jamaica.

She studied at Howard University, historically known as Black University and College.

Kamala has always said that she is satisfied with her identity and calls herself “an American.”



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