What is Google Task Mate App: Earn From Taskmate app in 2021


Earn money by completing tasks on the phone, the Google Task Mate app is launching soon. It will provide many tasks posted by businesses from around the world.

Task Mate is a Google official app that allows users to complete a small task and get real money. There are more than 80% of earning apps in the Play Store are fake. So, It is very difficult to choose a real earning app through which you can earn money. But Task mate is a real earning app because it is a Google product.

When will Google Task Mate launch?

Google may soon launch the Task Mate app in India. The company has started testing the Task Mate app in India. This app will allow users to earn money by doing simple tasks on smartphones. This app will provide many tasks posted by businesses from around the world. These include taking pictures of restaurants, answering survey questions, translating sentences from English to a different language.

The Google Task Mate app is currently in beta mode and is limited to select testers via the referral code system. These select users can now download it from Google Play.

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Payment are in local currency

According to the app’s description on Google Play, users are going to be paid in their local currency when they complete a task on the Tasks Mate app.

Tasks are divided into two categories – sitting and fielding tasks, but Google can ask the user directly for any task.

i) Sitting Tasks – These types of tasks include Transcribe Sentences, Record Spoken Sentences, answering survey questions, and Check Shop details.

ii) Field Tasks – These types of tasks require users to visit nearby places like Shops, shopping malls and Restaurants, etc. and click pictures of that place and upload them on the app.

One such Field Task as mentioned on the app is “Going to a location shown in the app, and clicking a picture of the storefront“. Sounds similar to what we already do on Google maps, right? But this time we get a bit of cash for exchange.

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How to use Google Task Mate?

There are three steps to using this app:

  • Finding tasks near you
  • Complete the task to start earning
  • Cashing out your earnings

On the Task Mate app, the user can see what number of tasks he has completed, what percentage of tasks are completed properly, what’s the amount of the user and which tasks are in review.

Is there any choice to skip tasks in Task Mate App?

If a user has to go around for a task, the Google Task Mate app will show how long it will take them to get there. In the screenshots available now, the price is in dollars, but when it launches in India, the price will start showing in rupees. If a user is not interested in the task or can’t do it, he can skip the task. The task can be completed anytime, anywhere.


What to do to get payment from the Google task mate app?

According to the app’s description, the user must link a bank account to a third party processor to earn from the Task Mate app. To cash out the earnings from the task, the user has to register his e-wallet or account details with the payment partner in the Google Task Mate app, go to the profile page and click on the cash-out option. The user will then be able to withdraw their earnings in local currency.

Still you have questions related to the app then please visit the Google Task mate FAQ page.

Google Task Mate Invitation Code:

To use this app, you need an invitation code at the time of signup. You can’t create an account in the app without an invitation code. The app is in beta version (means in development mode). So, only some selected person has got invitation code. Don’t search for task mate invitation code in google because only some people have got code.

Suppose, you got an invitation code and you successfully login to your account then, you got a referral link through which you can invite-only 3 people. So, one user can invite-only three people, and that three people can invite the next three people only.


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