“What are the courses after 12 Science, Arts, and Commerce” or “what to do after 12” is a very common question that arises in every student’s mind after taking his final examination. You have completed your 12th class and want to study higher but you are in confusion about what courses and careers to choose. Don’t worry friends you are in the right place. We will help you to choose the best career for you.

Hi friends! Welcome to Koyanews. In this post, we are going to read about a list of all the courses after 12 science, commerce, and arts.

Complete information of which course to take after 12th

As soon as the result comes out, the problem of all the children increases that what to do after 12th, which can make their future successful. Actually, this is the problem of every student, who is exploring his future among the choices of subjects. Today we will talk about what to do after 12th and which are the course after 12 with which you can make your career.

What to do after 12th

At earlier times, there were only a few courses such as engineering, medical and civil services to choose from. The student who used to be good used to choose these options only. But in today’s time, there have been so many options that the students can choose from.

Most of the students are worried about how to take complete information about which course to take after the 12th. And if they choose the wrong option, then their future is at stake.

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Keep these things in mind before choosing a course after class 12

After completing 12th, there are some such things which can be taken into consideration, then it becomes easier to choose both the course and the college. If you know about these small things, then more ways of success can be opened. So let us first talk about some topics which will help you to choose your course and college after 12th, after which the entire courses are also mentioned below.

Plan your career after 12

In today’s time, if you go to any area, Competition has increased on all sides. All areas get a limited amount of entry. Go to any college after 12th, there is a limited amount of admission, because the number of competitors is more.

You may have merit, with a lot of talent or ability, but despite having passed everything many times, you do not get admission in the course or college you want. For this, it is necessary to maintain a separate plan after the 12th. Meaning if you do not get success on one side, then you can succeed on the other side. Having more than one plan will not force your mind because of not getting the desired courses after 12. You can also take the help of a career counselor, your teachers, old students for good planning.

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Choose the right subjects after the 12

If you have passed your 12th and are confused to choose the right path, what to do after the 12th, then you must first prioritize your choice and make sure in which option you can perform well.

If you are creative, you can choose courses like advertising, fashion, design and if your mind is analytical, then you will be better in the field of engineer or technology. There are also many specialist courses here that you can make your future bright by doing.

When students think of going to particular courses after 12th, keep one thing clear that what is their purpose in choosing that course? However, if you are getting manufactured then get your profiling done. With this, you will know your abilities and you will be able to choose your path easily. When choosing a course, keep in mind 2 things.

  1. Based on your choice, choose the subjects and course in which you can give a good response. Never copy others that my friends chose this course, I do the same. Because every student has a different goal, talent, and interest.
  2. Before going to any field, do your self-assessment. See for yourself in which area you can do better. Whatever your interests are, make a list of them all. And decide which topics and areas you can focus more on this list. And then move ahead and work hard in them.

Find the right option after 12th

Earlier, students of science subjects had only medical or engineering options, but now it is no more. Today, there is a plenty of options regarding what you should do after your twelveth. For example, science students can take courses such as biotechnology, bio-engineers, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical transcription, besides medical engineering.

Similarly, after 12th, you can become a part of the Retailing, Hospitality, Tourism Industries with Arts or Business Management course. Those who are creative can take a course in fashion designing, marketing, styling.

There are more topics in which there are many options, after 12th, you get information about all the options you have with your subjects, how much options you can go ahead and how much you can earn and how much you can brighten your future Huh.

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Choose the right college after 12th

Nowadays, all institutions have entrance tests for admission. But not all students are able to pass the entrance examination, then those institutions which have a place like private colleges, turn to them to take admission. But remember that there is a lot of colleges nowadays, but they also have a lot of deficiencies that also waste your money and the future of the child is also at stake. When choosing any college after 12th, consider these points first.

  • First, find out whether the college to be admitted is accredited by the appropriate regulatory authority or not?
  • What is the quality of the faculty?
  • What is the ratio of professor, lecturer, and assistant professor teaching in college?
  • Course diversity
  • Placement or job placement percentage.
  • Basic facilities

The courses are given below list all types of courses that can help students after 12th to make great choices with their interests and career aspirations. So, let us know what to do after class XII.

Arts Courses after 12th

Students, who always think that they made a mistake by taking the subject of Arts, what should I do now because there are more career opportunities in medical, non-medical or commerce than arts, then you are wrong.

Students of Arts can also make their career very good, you just have to make your interest according to the list of courses given below. These courses can also take you much further, which will provide you a good career.

  1. BA in History
  2. BA + LLB (Law course)
  3. B.Sc. in interior design
  4. BFM- Bachelor of Fine Art
  5. B.Sc. in Hotel Management
  6. Bachelor of Design (B. Design)
  7. BSW- Bachelor of Social Work
  8. BFD-Bachelor of fashion designing
  9. BEM- Bachelor of Event Management
  10. BMS- Bachelor of Management Science
  11. BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration
  12. BTTM- Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  13. BJMC – Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Science courses after 12th

If you are a science student then there are many options for you too. Science students have a lot of options because they can put their life in any field through their subjects. Science students have 3 types of subjects.

  1. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math)
  2. PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  3. PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology)

PCB Courses after 12

Students who have thought that in future we have to become a doctor, they have passed with good marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th, then they can crack the post of a doctor. Most MBBS students take these subjects or Then you can choose another doctor’s line. There are many courses for PCB’s students.

  1. B.SC Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  3. MD-Doctor of Medicine
  4. DM- (Doctorate in Medicine)
  5. BPT- Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  6. BDS-Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  7. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technician
  8. BAMS-Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine
  9. DMLT-Diploma in Medical Lab Technician
  10. BHMS-Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
  11. MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery)

PCM Courses after 12

  • B.SC Physics
  • B.SC Chemistry
  • B.SC Mathematics
  • B.SC Interior Design
  • BSC – Information Technology
  • B Arch – Bachelor of Architecture
  • Animation, Graphics, and Multimedia
  • BE / B Tech – Bachelor of Technology
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application

What are the Technology courses for PCM students

Those who are science students and who are interested in technical science. So there are many options for them in technical science as well. There are also short courses in technical science which are of 2 or 3 years which are under diploma. Diploma engineering is the course to be covered but if you want to become fully skilled in any one field then do engineering only. The following are the courses under B.Tech and M.Tech in engineering.

  • Power Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Automation and robotics
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Biotechnology engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

PCMB Courses after 12

All options are open for students who have taken PCMB subjects, they do not need to think about what to do after the 12th. Because PCMB students can make their future in any course of PCB or PCM, you can start your study by choosing any course keeping in mind your interest.

Commerce Courses after 12th

Commerce is also a very good subject which includes courses in finance and management. After 10th you can choose commerce and if you are not interested in science and in mathematics then you can include mathematics with commerce. The following courses are in commerce.

  • B. Com Hons
  • BBA LL. B – Integrated Law
  • B. Com – Bachelor of Commerce
  • BA. Hons – Bachelor in Economics
  • B.com LL. B – Integrated Law Program
  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Business courses for commerce after 12th

  • Diploma
  • Certificate Course
  • C.S – Company Secretary
  • C.A – Charted Accountancy
  • Bachelor in Foreign Language

If the students who have passed from 12th, having passed the subject of Arts, Commerce, non-medical, then you can make a career out of the above course. Identify your interest and choose the course under that interest. Do not get into anyone’s words and do what your heart wants.

At last, these are the courses after 12. I hope after reading this, it will be beneficial for you.

Best of Luck !!!




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