WeWork Earning App claims that by making a minimum investment, You can earn up to 20000 to 30000 rupees monthly. WeWork App is a scam or not review.

In this article, we will review the new WeWork app. Whether you should invest in it or not. How long would this app work? Is it a scam or legit?

About WeWork

Firstly, WeWork is a big working platform or space in the USA and New York. This app was created in the name of this significant and reputed company. We will tell you everything that you need to know about this app.

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As you can see in this image. WeWork is an office space and workspace solution. Know more about WeWork from Wikipedia.


Let’s first see its investment plan. Later, we will discuss more on it.

WeWork App Investment Plan:

WeWork has introduced 5 VIP plans. VIP plan starts from VIP 0 and goes up to VIP 6.

VIP 0: This is a free plan where you earn Rs 0.92 every hour and 22.22 every day.

VIP 1: This plan starts with an investment of Rs 400. Here you will earn Rs 0.98 every hour and Rs 23 every day. Rs 705 every month and Rs 8584 per year.

VIP 2: This plan starts with an investment of Rs 1200. Here you will earn Rs 2.94 every hour and Rs 70 every day. Rs 2116 every month and Rs 25754 per year.

VIP 3: This plan starts with an investment of Rs 3600. Here you will earn Rs 8.80 every hour and Rs 211 every day. Rs 6350 every month and Rs 77263 per year.

VIP 4: This plan starts with an investment of Rs 12000. Here you will earn Rs 29.4 every hour and Rs 705 every day. Rs 21168 every month and Rs 257544 per year.

VIP 5: This plan starts with an investment of Rs 30000. Here you will earn Rs 73.52 every hour and Rs 1764 every day. Rs 52934 every month and Rs 644035 per year.

These are their lucrative plans. There are thousands of apps like Dani Data, BSA Fund, WP Fund etc. These all apps work in the same way. They all have almost the same VIP plan.

Let me make it clear to you that WeWork Inc. is a provider of coworking spaces, including physical and virtual shared spaces, headquartered in New York City. The name of a big and reputed company is used to scam. We are reviewing the WeWork earning app, WeWork Inc. of not.

These scammers are misleading you in the name of this reputed company. They are using the name and fame of these successful companies to make you believe in them easily.

Do You invest in WeWork earning app?

No, I don’t suggest that you should invest in these types of apps. WeWork earning app is a total scam. Don’t invest in it. If You see the URL of it then you find that it is not the URL of WeWork Inc. Some scammers are using the name of WeWork Inc.

Is WeWork Earning App Scam?

Yes, WeWork Earning App is a scam. Be aware of this type of scam. It is not a legit app. If you invest then you may lose your money.

Recently, the Double Q app has done a scam on 11th September 2021. Dani Data app did a scam on 1st June 2022. Power bank, Wp fund and much more are examples of this scam.

The app that lures you to double or triple your money, the longer you stay away from those, the better.

We don’t recommend you to try this or these types of apps.

WeWork Earning App Video:

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  1. Please I have been scammed by a setting company so how you people help me get some money to start small business.thank you

    • You need to file a complaint to a cybersecurity cell or a nearby police station. They can only help you. You can also report to payment gateway like Gpay, Paytm, Phonepay or other about the scam.


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