Wedding decoration or wedding design or wedding mandap decorations or Vivah mandap design is not just about getting your whole wedding venue lighted by twinkly little bulbs that you must have seen when you were a small kid and went out with your parents to someone’s wedding.

Wedding decor is about a concept that gives a totally new look to your wedding. It consists of lots of aspects and there are several things that come into it. A wedding is like a ceremony. Everyone who marries; wants to give their guests an unforgettable experience of their wedding whether it is about the dishes, lights decoration, music, crockery, decoration, outfits, or others.

Besides all these decorations, the most important decoration in the marriage ceremony is the Wedding Mandap Decoration. The mandap is a central decoration in the wedding decoration.

Wedding Mandap

Here we now talk about your Wedding Mandap where you will be circling with your life partner around pious Agni (fire) and taking your vows of the eternity of getting together forever on every path. The Mandap in your wedding is a pious place which is the most pious in Indian weddings.

We have seen many times that people follow always the usual style of setting up a wedding Mandap and do not give much importance to mandap decoration during wedding decor. You should not ignore it.

It is a place where all Gods and Goddesses including your friends, relatives, and guests would be showering on you their blessings. Don’t you think so? As our grandma and Paa say and talk about it always.

There are so many wedding Mandap decoration ideas or setups that you can try to give a new look to it. It should be a little spacious too where your close ones can sit comfortably provided they can see you getting married. Usually, it is seen that the Mandap area gets congested with people.

Here are Mandap decoration ideas for weddings or setups that you can try for your own.

How to choose the best decoration for marriage ceremony in 2020

Hey friends!
I am Sanjay Sah, Welcome to my blog. If you are confused about which decoration will look good in your marriage ceremony. If you are thinking to make something memorable and interesting in your marriage ceremony.

Friends, Nowadays it is quite difficult to choose the best theme for decoration. Without good decoration, it is worthless for spending money. Without decorations, a marriage ceremony looks like a woman without jewelry. So to look good the best decoration is needed.

How to choose the best Wedding Mandap Decoration?

At first, you have to know that the best decoration is directly related to your budget. It depends on how much you spend. If you spend more you get a better decoration for any ceremony you performed like marriage, birthday, the opening ceremony of hotel, shop, and so on.

To choose the best decoration for you, at first, you have to search for those people who can do the best decoration. After that, you have to see the catalog provided by the decorator and at least one time discuss it with your family member.

Because marriage is done between two people but there is the involvement of the whole family. You must also focus on the cost either it is eligible for you or not.

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