Karungi Monic, alias Mona Kizz, is making headlines after leaping from the Al Fahad lodge in Dubai.

Karungi Monic, also known as Mona Kizz, was a well-known Ugandan mannequin; after her death, a video of her falling off a Dubai lodge went viral on social media.

Her social media posts reveal that she has worked with a variety of manufacturers. Her Instagram bio also mentions that she was a business owner. She used to post a lot of videos about her daily life on her profile.

And now, her fans are devastated by Mona’s death, and they want to learn more about the tragedy in Dubai that took her life.

Was Mona Kizz at the Porta Potty in Dubai when she died?

After hearing about Mona Kizz’s death in the media, people were curious to know if she was on the Dubai Porta Potty. It’s unclear whether she used the Dubai Porta Potty at this time.

Mona Kizz Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video
Src: bareillycollege.org Mona Kizz Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video

Some people may be unaware of the practice, which is said to be carried out by influencers and other young women in exchange for money or gifts. According to the report, these ladies allowed people to evacuate on them in order to obtain luggage, shoes, and other items.

Customers assumed Kizz was using the Dubai Porta Potty after seeing her Instagram photos. Aside from that, they’re devastated by the death of Kizz, who committed suicide by leaping from a window seven stories above the ground. It’s unclear why she threw herself out of the lodge, but it’s been suggested that she was depressed and struggling to put on a brave face.

Mona Kizz’s Age, Biography, and Wiki

Mona Kizz died when she was only 23 years old. She was born in the summer of 1998. Kizz was also a well-known Instagram user and one of the African country’s most well-known models.

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Furthermore, she was attempting to break into the modeling industry, and several sources claimed that Kizz had shared some racy photographs of herself at one point.

And, while all of Mona’s family and close friends are mourning her death, they have remained silent about it. Furthermore, no media retailers have contacted them to discuss the issue. As a result, there is little information about her family’s history.

Instagram profile of mona kizz porta potty

Mona Kizz was a frequent Instagram user under the handle @mona.kizz.52. She used to post a lot of videos and pictures about her life on her profile.

We could assume Kizz was having a great time based on her social media posts.

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Mona Kizz tried to commit suicide?

Mona Kizz is another name for her. She was a Ugandan model who rose to prominence after her death. The model is gaining popularity online as a result of the Dubai suicide video. Monic, a 24-year-old influencer, died after falling from a high-rise building. She committed suicide by jumping from a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Many people believe she committed suicide as a result of her depression. She was depressed, and the problem had been bothering her for several days. Many people began to say that she had been dealing with mental stress for quite some time and was about to scream at the lady when she fell from the top of the building.

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Mona Kizz Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video

For quite some time, Porta Potties have gone viral on the internet. It is possible that Mona Kizz committed suicide. As a result of the viral video. A video of a porta potty was posted on the internet. According to the claim, she was the one who appeared in the viral video. It could be the reason for her suicide attempt. The woman jumped, according to reports, because she was feeling ill. As a result, she chooses to die. The public kept an eye on her as she began posting explicit images and videos on social media.

That was something she had never done before. It was a type of thing because she was depressed. Monic, a 24-year-old influencer, died after jumping from a high-rise building. She was thrown from a building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many people believe she committed suicide as a result of her depression. She was under mental duress.

Why did Mona commit suicide?
She was trolled numerous times for her social media posts. However, some social media sites and local news outlets aren’t sure if the person who jumped out of the building was her. However, internet users have confirmed that Monic is dead. According to their reports, she has died.



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