Visit Janaki Temple, everything you want will be fulfilled! Let’s not deny coming to Janakpur.

After the election of the Provincial Assembly and the House of Representatives of Federal Nepal, the ancient city of Janakpur is seen as the shadow capital of Province No.2. Shadow in the sense that it has not been announced yet.

However, the head offices of various government agencies, including the Nepal Police and the National Bank, have not been established in Janakpur, but the process is still going on.

Therefore, Janakpur may not be directly suitable for the capital of Province No.2. However, it has its own special identity, which still does not need to be identified. Janakpur is an ancient city built on religious and cultural foundations.


In ancient times, Janakpur, also known as Mithila, Bideha, and Tirbhukti, was the capital of the Janakavanshi kings. This has been explained in the Ramayana, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, and the advanced civilization of Mithila.


There are Shiva temples as gatekeepers in four directions of Janakpur. Mithileshwar in the east, Jaleshwar in the west, Chireshwar in the north and Kalyaneshwar in the south.

Ram Janaki Bibaha Mandap

Looking straight ahead from Janakchowk, the heart of Janakpur, one can see a colorful, magnificent and artistic palace under the blue sky.

The Mughal and Rajputana style palaces that you can see. There is an idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Tikamgarh, the palace built by Maharani Bhanuvrish Kunwari of India which became the temple of Janaki. Love was made as a gift.

The palace. According to the signboard in front of the temple, the foundation stone of the temple was laid in 1952 BS.
The temple was completed in 1967. It has been 121 years since the huge temple was built. Earlier, two saints from India, Shur Kishor Das, had built the Janaki temple and Chaturbhuj Giri had built the Ram temple.

Later, General Amar Singh Thapa built a big Ram temple just like Bhanu Kunwari built the Janaki temple. The centenary of Janaki temple was celebrated in the year 2051 BS.

Maharani Bhanu Kunwari is also in the garland of saint image in the room of Mahantha Ramatpeshwar Das of the temple. She is sitting with her son in a happy posture, accompanied by Raja Pratap Singh.

Aarti is held at the temple at 7 am and 8 pm. The door of the sanctum sanctorum is not open from 12 noon to 4 pm. When we reached there, there was a crowd of visitors. We had no flowers, no innocence, no sunshine. We offered flowers.

There is a cultural museum behind the sanctum sanctorum. It reflects the discovery of Sita as the Haleshwari Mahayagya and the marriage of Sitaram. On the ground floor are old jewelry and costumes.

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Fun hymns can be heard while playing in the temple premises. Devotees Sitaram, Sitaram! They seem to be singing.

More Indians than Nepalis come to Janakpur. Janaki Temple, Ram Temple.

Janak returns after visiting the temple and the wedding pavilion. They spend three or four hours. While you can easily make a package for two nights.

The arena ground where Ram broke his bow, Janaki temple, Manimandap where he got married, Dhanushadham, lake and Jaleshwar temple where the piece of bow fell are included.
Indian border.

Jatahi is 11 km and Bhittamod is 19 km away. If the roads are well organized, the number of pilgrims will increase. Millions of Indians come to the wedding panchami.

Besides, big fairs are held during Jhula Mahotsav, Dussehra, Chhath and Mithila.



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