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Pi Network such as: Seoul University of South Korea has launched new cryptocurrency on oct 7, 2020.

You must enter your date of birth accurately. Otherwise there will be no KYC verification later.

👉️ TimeStope – Mining is a New Cryptocurrency which is free to mine from 2020 to 2022. Start mining timestope now.

What is TimeStope?

Like PI network, TimeStope is also a new cryptocurrency, which we can earn for free now.

Time stope is developed by Seoul University in South Korea.

It was recently launched on Oct 7, 2020 which is in the first phase (phase I).

As the world goes digital, new digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) continue to emerge.

Timestope Witness Code

Just like the invitation code is used in pi network, witness is used in TimeStope. In Witness you should use the id of the person who invited you. You can use my id➡️ sknepali as Witness. You can use sknepali as invitation code for PI Network and Bee Games.

How to start earning from Timestope?

  1. Download the Time Stope app by clicking on the link below. Https://www.timestope.com/sknepali Or, you can go to the play store and search “timestope” to download.
  2. Click on the signup button.
  3. Create your id.
  4. Use sknepali as a witness.
  5. Keep going, your earnings start when the numbers start running.
  6. For more information, read the whitepaper and FAQ.

How much do you earn per day?

In 24 hours you earn 14 T. T is the unit of timeStope cryptocurrency measurement. Like US dollar unit $. As it enters the market in 2022, its value is determined at the same time. The value of 1T is not determined as it is in the early stages. As it is in the initial phase, if it is started early, there is a possibility of ample income later.

The current worth of 1 Timestope is $ 0.013. It is a cryptocurrency so, its worth may increase or decrease in the future. After the update of the timestope app, A new option is added in the app that is setting.

You can see how much your Timestope’s worth just by following these steps:

  1. Open the timestope app.
  2. Click on the 3 lines available on the top-left corner of the app.
  3. Click on the setting option.
  4. You will see “Dollar conversion indicator”, Enable it.
  5. Finally, You will see timestope to USD conversion on top of the screen.

What are the ways to earn TIME

In TIME, the individual is the subject of production for the production. If the seigniorage is limited to individuals, it faces a limit to more actively spreading it to the world.

First, there is a one-dimensional way of producing time yourself. Each person has 14.4τ per day.

Second, there is a way to invite others and take a share of the invitation every day. Each person earns 9.6T per day.

Third, there is a way to get it through TimeStope’s 3rd party program. For example, you can get the TIME rewards from TimeStope’s third-party programs by searching on TimeStope’s platform. This is not the seigniorage you create, but it is distributed by the seigniorage of TimeStope’s third-party program.

What is 100 attendance point?

The attendance score is 100 points for initial participation. Attendance must be checked in the attendance book within 24h hours based on UTC. If you check attendance, your attendance score increases by 2 points, and if you do not check attendance, your attendance score decreases by 3 points. Keep in mind that if you are absent for exactly 31 days, that participant will not be able to
join in the TimeStope permanently.

When checking attendance, third-party assets are compensated for visible advertisements.

When the attendance score reached a certain score, it does not decrease below that anymore. For example, if your attendance score reaches 300 points, 300 points will become a base camp, and only go up to more than 300 points, and if you do not attend, only go down until 300 points. There is a base camp for each section, and when it reaches 1000 points, the attendance score will never decrease even if you do not attend. From 300 points, the attendance core will not decrease even without checking attendance.

Attendance ScoreMax Transfer (1 year)Increasing Stope
0~29950,000τ0 days
300500,000τ+150 days
∑ + 100+200,000τ+75 days

When the attendance score reaches a certain score, the transferable amount per year increases. For example, when the attendance score reaches 300 points, the number of sendings per year increases from 10,000τ to 500,000τ, and when it finally reaches 10,000 points, the number of sending per year is infinite and can be transmitted without limit.

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All participants equally have the Stope (mining period) of 24 months. This is a way to provide fairness to members who sign up late in time. However, every time an individual invites 250 people, the Stope will be extended by 24 months, and the stope increases even if the attendance score reaches a certain score.

For example, when the attendance score reaches 300 points, 150 days increase, so the Stope becomes about 29 months (24 months + 150 days). In addition, when the score reaches 10,000 points, the scope becomes about 48 months (24 months + 730 days), and the Stope increases by 75 days every 100 points after the attendance score becomes 1000 points.

The end of the stope term means that the existing attendance score is reset to 100, and the witnesses I invited will disappear from the list. However, the ownership of the TIME that has been held until now is maintained. The meaning of the limitations of the stopeterm is to give equal opportunities to users who will join in the future and to encourage the steady activities of existing members who are already active as witnesses.

Download it from the given link and start earning time. https://www.timestope.com/sknepali

TimeStops KYC verification

KYC verification will be available since January 25, 2021 (GMT + 0) for users from highest to lowest attendance scores respectively, then KYC can be verified when reaching 110 points. (It will take at least a month for it to go public.)

Benefits of Timestope KYC verification

  • After completing KYC verification, you will receive verification points (+100 attendance points). (If you are already registered as a member of the Timestope team, you will receive extra attendance points through KYC verification.)
  • Only accounts that have completed KYC verification can chat in TimeStope’s community channels.
  • If the documents showed to KYC are found fraudulently, all rights will be forfeited, all assets received through KYC’s verification will be revoked, previous used-assets used will be deducted from the assets created afterward. Therefore, KYC verification does not accept fake documents or registration by an authorized person.
  • When the number of invitees who had completed the KYC reaches 10, you will receive extra 100 attendance points. (for the first time)

How to complete KYC in time stock?

There are some simple ways to complete the KYC process. The KYC process is in an earlier stage, so only a few people are selected to perform the KYC process.

The process to complete the KYC:

  • First, face yourself in the camera and it will capture your face automatically after 5 seconds.
  • Second, it will ask you to blink your left eye after you complete the first one.
  • Third, it will ask you to open your mouth wide and close it after a while.
  • After all these steps, it will ask you to submit your legal documents like – passport, driving license, citizenship, or Aadhar Card.

It will only take you a couple of minutes to complete all these KYC process.

Timestope wallet:

It has been launched on 2nd February 2021. Those who have completed KYC can only use time wallet to send and receive time from one wallet to another.

What are the terms used in the Time stope?

These are some frequently asked questions related to Timestope. Timestope is a new cryptocurrency and it is not in the market for trade. So, there are many terms or words new for people.

These are answers for frequently asked question related to Timestope.

What is Time Stope?

TimeStope is a world of new currency system. Earn new crypto currency. Use sknepali as witness and start earning Time.

Is Time Stope Legit?

Yes, TimeStope is a legit new cryptocurrency introduced on 7 October 2020. It is not a scam but it can’t make you a millionaire in 1 day or within a month. If you think you will become a millionaire in a few days then it is not possible.

Is Time Stope a Scam?

TimeStope is not a scam.

How to join Time Stope?

You must be invited by the witness. (input sknepali as witness)

Timestope Witness

After you successfully signed up for your account in Time Stope, you are called a witness. If you are not on timestope, you need a witness to join the time stope. You can use “sknepali” as Timestope Witness Code.

What is TIME in Time stope?

TIME is a cryptocurrency used in TimeStope. The unit of TIME is τ. 1τ = 1 hour.

How to make more TIME?

When you become a witness, you can gain TIME by spending your time during the Stopeterm.

How much TIME will I get from time stope?

Every day, you will obtain 60% (14.4τ), and distribute 40% (9.6τ) to your witness.

How to earn more TIME?

In TimeStope, TIME will be used like money. You just need to use the app for less than 1 minute daily only to start your mining like PI Network and BEE. You can earn more TIME by inviting other to join the app.

How TIME is used?

TIME will be used like money. You can do everything what you want to do. It is used as same as other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

How long is the Stopeterm (TIME collecting period)?

Stopeterm or Time stope cryptocurrency has a 2-year validity period. You can collect Time for next 2 years in free. Download now and use “sknepali” as referral code.

How to extend the Stopeterm?

Every time a witness invites 250 people, the Stopeterm will be extended by 24 months, and then it increases even if the attendance score reaches a certain.

How to calculate attendance score?

The attendance score is 100 points for initial participation. If you check attendance, your attendance score increases by 2 points. If you do not check attendance, your attendance score decreases by 3 points.

What happens if you violate Time Stope’s policies?

Your account will be blocked, and all assets will be confiscated.

How to recover your account?

If you are over the Stopeterm, then you need to find a new witness to enable your account, but your attendance score will be 100, and you will lose your witness. If the attendance score becomes 0, you cannot enable your account, but you can send your TIME to the chosen participant.

Why is your time stope account disabled?

If there is no response to the notification three times, the account status will be processed as death, then you cannot use any service in Time Stope, but you can send your asset to other accounts.


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