TimeStope’s Latest News – “Land Time”, “lTime” or “Time land” update. How to earn 16% interest on your earned Time? Now buy Land on Timestope and earn interest.

TimeStope published the first draft of it’s white-paper in autumn 2020 and is following a similar approach to Pi Network by giving away free TimeStope “Tau” coins to users of their TimeStope app.

TimeStope just like Pi Network does this because they both agree that the approach followed by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is unfair and only benefits early adopters.

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How to Sign Up for TimeStope:

If you haven’t signed up for TimeStope yet and nobody else told you about TimeStope before watching this video, go ahead and join TimeStope at 👉 https://www.timestope.com/sknepali and use the invitation code (witness) “sknepali” (without the quotes).

Every TimeStope user receives 24 “Tau” (time) per day. From this 24 Tau, 40% are credited to the witness (the person who invited a user to join TimeStope) and 60% remains with the user.

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This way, TimeStope creates an incentive for its users to spread the word and invite new users to join the TimeStope app.

TimeStope’s Tau Coin

Since “mining” TimeStope’s Tau coins happen on your smartphone and the mining speed is not determined by the hardware or operating system of your smartphone but only depends on the number of people you invite to join your TimeStope Network it’s by far the fairest approach to building a cryptocurrency I’ve seen in a long time.

TimeStope is, therefore, a great opportunity to get free crypto coins and as a result free money in 2021 with zero risks involved since TimeStope app users don’t have to invest any money and it only takes roughly five seconds per day to confirm your attendance in the TimeStope application and receive more free coins.

Video From – Christian Rauchenwald

Land Time or lTime

TimeStope’s latest feature is called “Land” or “Time Land” and allows TimeStope users to stake Time Land by buying shares of land within the newly added “Land” feature.

The price per share for each available square of land starts at 2,000 LTime and will increase by 1 LTime per day starting on May 16th, 2021.

Owners of shares will receive 1 LTime per share and day as a reward, which translates to roughly 16% interest on your lTime.

Currently, you can NOT sell shares you bought with your lTime, but the TimeStope team already announced that this feature will also be added during 2021.

Once you abandon shares of Land you own you’ll have to wait for 30 days before you’ll receive your original lTime back.



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