Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited (RHGCL) has distributed IPO shares to Rukum residents affected by the project (Eastern and Western districts). The allotment program came to an end on Ashad 16, 2079.

The company issued 6,12,793 unit IPO shares, representing 10% of the issued capital of Rs 61.27 crore, to project-affected locals of Rukum (Eastern and Western districts), beginning on the 24th Jestha and ending on the 7th Ashad, 2079. The deadline was extended until the 10th of Ashad, 2079, because the issue was not fully subscribed by the early closing date. Locals interested in participating could apply for a minimum of 10 shares and a maximum of 6,00,000 shares.

Only 5,75,170 units, or 93.86 per cent of the total issue, have been allocated to valid applicants, according to the issue manager Siddhartha Capital Limited. Thus, the remaining 37,623 units will be issued to the general public soon, along with 23,28,617 units, representing 38% of the company’s issued capital.

Himalayan Hydropower Limited Review

NameRapti Hydro and General Construction Limited
Listed Shares0 units
Paid UpRs. 100.00
Total Paid Up ValueRs 0
Opening Date24th Jestha 2079
Closing Date7th Ashad 2079
IPO for the company’s employees
IPO open for General Public37,623
Minimum apply unit10
Maximum apply unit1000
IPO’s issue managerSiddhartha Capital Limited
Result Date

Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited Rating

Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited have been assigned an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] B+ (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating B plus) by ICRA Nepal (RHGCL). Companies with this grading are considered to be at high risk of failing to meet financial obligations on time.

Rapti Hydro & General Construction Limited is a public company founded on Kartik 5, 2065 (October 21, 2008) under Nepal’s Companies Acts 2063 with the goal of developing and investing in hydropower projects. It is currently developing a 5 MW Rukum Gad Hydropower Project in the Rukum East District and owns the license for electricity generation. The project is located in the Rukum East District’s Sisne and Bhume Gaunpalika. Its registered address is Kathmandu-11, Bluestar Complex, Tripureshor. Know more on Sharesansar.

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