PI browser is a browser with inbuilt wallet features. It is developed and maintained by the PI Core team. It is the official app that is used to send and receive PI coins.

It is currently using Test-PI, for testing purposes only, but it is secure and easy to use.

The PI browser integrates wallet along with some features of the PI network like chat, brainstorm, and pi mining.

Download PI browser with mobile wallet

  • It is very easy to download the PI browser on your mobile phone.
  • You can download the app from the play store.
  • Open the play store on your phone.
  • Search PI Browser in the search tab.
  • Click on Install.

Create wallet in PI browser:

After downloading and installing the pi browser app on your mobile you need to create a wallet. To create a pi browser wallet follow the following steps:

  • Open the PI wallet.
  • Click on the wallet.
  • Keep your PI user id.
  • Copy the passphrase given to you. This Passphrase assign to you is unique and it works as your password.
  • Click on create my wallet.

Each time you login into the pi wallet, you have to enter the passphrase provided to you in the time to create your wallet.

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Passphrase in PI Browser Wallet

A passphrase is a password to open the PI wallet. You will get it in the time of creating your wallet. You can not get it back at any cost when it is lost. There is no recovery option till now. So, a Passphrase is key to open your PI wallet.

Test PI

You will get 100 Test-Pi coins as a bonus. Test-pi is not the real pi that you have mined through the PI app. Test-PI is solely for the purpose of testing transactions on the Pi Testnet and does not contain any value. The PI Testnet will be periodically reset as part of the testing, which will also reset your Test-PI balance.

10 Things About PI Browser Wallet

1. PI browser wallet is the official wallet of the PI app. It is in beta mode means under the testing phase. In a very short time, it can hold the real PI coin.

2. You can download it from the play store for free.

3. You need to create a wallet before you use it. You must have a pi mining app. If you do not have a pi mining app then at first you need to create it before downloading the pi browser or pi wallet.

4. You can use “sknepali” as a witness to create an account in the PI app.

5. Keep your passphrase secure and store it in another place because it is difficult to memorize and it is your’s pi wallet password.

6. It is impossible to recover the passphrase because it is not stored in the Pi server.

7. Pi browser is currently in the testing phase so it does not keep real pi.

8. You will get 100 Pi as a bonus which is only for testing purposes.

9. You can send and receive test-pi to anyone and check it in the history.

10. Do not download the pi browser from anywhere except the play store because your pi may get lost.



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