Pi Network: Everything has time. There is a time to sow and a time to reap. There is a time to sow and a time to gather. We have probably all heard the proverb, “The flowing river does not return, the opportunity does not wait.”

We are now living in the age of mobile in the 21st century. Not being able to use mobile for 24 minutes in 24 hours makes you feel restless. Now it seems that our life is incomplete without mobile. We can get most of what we are looking for from mobile.

In 2008 there was an opportunity to earn Bitcoin (modern money around the world) from computers but at that time we did not all have commuters. But if we had a computer at that time and if we could earn only 1 Bitcoin, we would have Rs. 1,513,869 now. But now if we want to earn 1 Bitcoin it may take more than 10 years.

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But now almost all of us have mobiles in our hands. So don’t miss the opportunity to become a millionaire in the future by earning Pi coin from your mobile without any investment. All you have to do is download a Pi App on your mobile and open it once in 24 hours. Never before has there been such an easy and good opportunity.

According to many analysts, the price of Pi coin is likely to be similar to that of Bitcoin in the future. So around 9.5 million people around the world are earning Pi coin from this app.


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So I downloaded the Pi app and started earning Pi coin. If you liked the post I shared and you also want to earn Pi coin and become a millionaire in the future, please download the Pi app by clicking on the link below and register from your Facebook or mobile number and keep my Invitation code (sknepali).

Note: When registering, please put your name according to your citizenship. Because later KYC details have to be filled.

Earn from PI network
Earn from PI network

You can use invitation code (sknepali)

If you want to make money without investment, give 2 minutes and read it once with a 100% guarantee.

A pi will change the lives of you and your family. If you don’t know what Pi network is, download the Pi network app from https://minepi.com/sknepali now.

What is Pi-network? How to make free money from this?

You can earn money from home without any investment by installing a small app of Pi Network with the mobile butt in your hand. This is my guarantee.

Many friends have left messages with various queries. But since I am unable to answer everyone one by one, I am writing here as a whole, so please understand the official answer, and those who have not started, start by downloading the app today.

1. What is Pi Network?

This is a project to bring Pi digital money i.e. cryptocurrency into operation from March 2021, the second phase of which is currently underway. This is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined through the mobile in our hands. This is a project started by 3 Ph.D. holder cryptocurrency professors of Stanford University. About 9.5 million people are now connected to it. Mining will stop when it reaches 10 million users. You too can join this as soon as possible without delay. This opportunity will never come again.

Bitcoin was less than 1 million now in 2009. Now the value of bitcoin is more than 1.2 million.

Invitation code of pi network
Invitation code of pi network

2. How much does the investment cost?

Pi Network is absolutely free and its app can be installed and run from Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Everything you earn in this is your own.

3. How to get started?

After installing it, register through your Facebook. It will be easier to fill in the KYC in the future if you keep the name of your citizenship while registering. As this project is genuine, KYC will be done like banks.

4. What is the Invitation Code in Pi Network?

Since everyone on this network needs to be connected, a new person needs an invitation to join, so you can use my Invitation Code: sknepali.

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5. Does the mobile break down?

This app should be restarted in 24-24 hours after starting Mining by placing it on your mobile, otherwise earning will stop. Even if it runs on our mobile, it does not cause any harm like hanging the mobile or draining the battery and does not ask permission to run the data on your mobile.

6. When can it be exchanged or sold?

As this project is only in the second phase, it is not possible to exchange or buy or sell the same, but from the third phase, i.e. from March 14, 2021 (Pi Day) next year, it will be possible to trade and buy in full.

7. How much is earned?

If we start mining from now on, we can earn 1800Pi at the rate of at least 6Pi per day before March 2021, and according to experts, 1 Pi = US $ 3 to US $ 10, which is Rs. 360.00 to Rs. 1200.00 Nepali rupees is estimated. Cryptocurrency experts estimate that from next April 2021, 1 pi = US 5 to US $ 25, depending on the situation at the time. But now an exchange website called Coingecko has 1Pi = $ 0.35 i.e. Rs. Is seen trading at 40.00.

Now for those who haven’t started, start immediately, and for those who haven’t started, don’t forget to continue for 24 hours. If you don’t understand something after creating an account, please comment.



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