Pi Cryptocurrency: Pi is a new digital currency that you can mine from your mobile.

To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/sknepali and use my username sknepali as your invitation code.

Create your account, the app is still available free on the Play Store but after a while, it will be a paid app so take advantage of the opportunity now. the price of the pi will likely be at least 200 dollars per pi when introduced.

So, download the Pi app from the Play Store today and create your account With Pi Network, you can get your Pi currency daily through just a few simple steps:

  1. Install Pi Network App https://minepi.com/sknepali
  2. Push START MINING daily
  3. Use Invitation Code: sknepali

Why PI Cryptocurrency

1) NO Need to Investing Money
2) NO Need of Wasting Your Precisions Time
3) No need to work Full day / Half Day/ Not |even 1 Hour
4) Just Spend 1 minute in this App
5) No one loses anything
6) No Need to add Members

You can make a good amount of return in the future without investing any amount. Almost 14 million members already joined this system.

First, 100 million members will get free coins, and if the membership exceeds 100 million, then the free coins system stops and then need to pay money to buy the coin. People from 160 countries using this to join, and daily 6 coins are getting Pi currency.


It will be used in the future like USD, Rupees, etc. And a minimum of 1000 million people may use this in the future as it will be accepted worldwide. We can expect a price range of approximately $100 to $1000 for one PI coin.

As a free coin to the first 100 million members can analyze that 1000 million people can use this easily. Balance all cryptocurrency membership is below 1 million, but PI CRYPTOCURRENCY within a year crossed 9 million members around 160 countries.

Please Download PI currency from the iOS and Play store and start using it. Can earn free on a daily basis.

You can trade Pi Using the Pi browser

Pi Network Price?

The current price of 1 Pi is $ 0.0233. The value of 1 Pi will be $ 100 dollars within the next 5 years. Entering into the Mainnet and World Market the value of 1 PI could be between 1 $ to 10 $ by the end of 2022.

The current price of 1 Pi Network Coin is $ 0.0233. PI Network Team has not yet confirmed the value of 1 Pi. You can see different price predictions on different websites. According to the CoinMarketCap “This project is featured as an Untracked Listing”.

When will Pi Cryptocurrency enter the World Market and Mainnet?

Pi will entry to Mainnet and World Market in Dec 2021. That’s why you still have a few months to do Mining Pi.

How can I do Mining?

Download Pi Cryptocurrency and create your account and you will start mining Pi every day. You just need to open your Pi Network app every day so that you start mining every day. It will take only 5 seconds to click Pi so you can be able to Mining the whole day.

How many Pi can I earn (mining) in a day?

You can mining (earn) 3 Pi every day. So you have 90 Pi a Month. And if you already have a security circle You’ll earn 6 Pi in a day. So you’ll have 180 Pi a Month.

How can we use the Pi that I earn (mining)?

Three things you must do to use the Pi you saved.

  1. Your account is verified. You have an account verification to do there,
    Verify phone number
    Verify with Facebook
    Password verified. And the last one is to do KYC.
  2. You’ve already made your Pi Wallet.
  3. Updated Name same as Passport or IDs that you have.

How can I create an Account in Pi?

  1. Download the Pi Network app from the Playstore.
  2. Sign Up with Facebook.
  3. Use Invitation Code sknepali.
  4. Continue to follow the instructions until the sign-up process finishes, and you will have 1 Pi.

Is this Pi legit? Isn’t this a scam?

Pi is legit, and you won’t be scammed in Pi. First Pi is free and you won’t pay Pi even one Rupee, that’s why Pi can’t scam you.

What is the use of Pi Cryptocurrency?

You can use Pi to pay for or buy Goods, Products, and Services, even for the Gadgets you want.

Are there any Pi recipients yet? And how much is the value they received in Pi?

There are already in China and Vietnam there are Receivers. There is a Pi Mall in China which is receiving Pi as currency in the exchange of goods. And some restaurants have accepted Pi.

Pi shop
Pi shop

In the Philippines, there are groups of communities that accept Pi, such as TPL or The Pi Lifestyle Economy, and Pi Manila. In Pi Manila, they accept their 5000 Pesos Per Pi as Per Rules. In TPL, they received $ 100 per Pi as per their Rules.

Remember that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were also free to mining in the early stage. But Bitcoin hits the Value of $ 64000, and Ethereum hits 4,000 dollars.

That’s why Pi whose target Value is $ 100 dollars is really Possible.

So join us and save money too because saving Pi is just free.

Three reasons we should note about the Pi Network project

The founder of pi Network:

Founder Nicholas is a blockchain instructor at Stanford University, and the Ethereum founder and developer. Vitalik was also in Nicholas’s lectures as his student.

He is also the chief technology officer of start x which has a total market cap of over 19 trillion dollars.

Pi has been the vision and the plan that Dr Nicholas has been working on for 10 years now and pi is sure to have the strongest blockchain ever.

Honors from Stanford University;

One of the best universities in the world. Pi is the second-largest blockchain to come from the University after Ethereum. Nicholas is also the co-founder of a $26 billion investment incubator.

Blockchain Fee

The money invested into the server for two years is said to be equivalent to the salary of 10 Google programmers salary and the salary of the core team programmers is said to be around $10 million dollars.

Currently, It is estimated at 20 million dollars in two years of development. In early 2020, It was said that basic costs like server data maintenance exceed $200000 per month.

But now, it cost over $500k per month for maintenance only. Since it takes about two years to build a blockchain, the cost for maintenance should be above 150 million dollars.

The blockchain itself costs over 100 million dollars, while the project costs between 800 million dollars to 20 billion dollars as of 2021. For this to be possible, Pi is entirely funded by a capital bank.

How will it feel If you can one day order something on Amazon or eBay or Alibaba or any of these e-commerce sites using your pi?

Not to talk of having the opportunity to create a site if that nature yourself 🥺🧡

In case you are yet to join pi Network, sknepali is an invitation code for you




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