ONE Mining Network is a new cryptocurrency and can be used by anyone in any country around the globe. You can mine (earn ONE) now from your phone or computer.

ONE Mining Network Referral Code: sknepali

ONE cryptocurrency is a new form of digital money maintained and secured by a community, rather than by a government or a bank. Currently, you can mine (or earn) ONE by helping to secure the coin and by developing a Trust Network within the ONE Mining Network.

While most cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum …) are difficult for the average person to access and use on a daily basis, ONE turns the power of cryptocurrencies into the community’s decision, ONE aims to Easy to reach like in the palm of your hand.

ONE Mining Network

One is not a free cryptocurrency. This is a long-term project whose success depends on the joint contributions of the participating members. ONE is designed to help everyone, for anyone in the community so that everyone gets more economic value rather than giving the values to banks and the governments. Finance and technology and other intermediaries.

ONE Mining NETWORK depends on the mutual contribution of its members. If you are looking for ways to make money and get rich fast, then ONE is not for you.


ONE Network Referral code – sknepali

To join in the one network app you need a referral code. You can use “sknepali” as a witness or referral code without quotation sign.

Is ONE Mining Network Scam?

ONE is not a scam. This is a really big effort by a group of many experts and doctors working in almost all economic sectors in society. We have the same interest in the community. ONE was created to give people more access to cryptocurrencies.

We cannot guarantee that the project will be successful. However, we want to contribute our best, will work the hardest, most focused, and unshakable for the goal of bringing ONE easily into the community, making ONE coin a means of communication.

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How to Mine (Or Earn) ONE

To earn ONE, take attendance every 24 hours by pressing the ONE Mining Network’s Logo Globe button (spinning ball) to start ONE mining.

When you’re mining, you can speed up your mining by inviting trusted friends and family to join the community. After 3 mining sessions, you can increase your mining speed even more by contributes to the general security of ONE Mining network.

Note that members who come first in the network have a higher mining rate than those who come later.

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Does ONE Mining Network App consume battery and data?

You don’t need to keep the app open to mine. ONE Mining Network does not affect the performance of your phone, does not consume additional power from your phone or computer, and consumes ONE or uses your network data.

After pressing the Globe button, you can even close the app and ONE continues to be mined. So how can you mine a cryptocurrency without spending ONE, without your energy or data? Instead of using energy as POW (proof-of-work) like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ONE secures its ledger through members ensuring each other is trustworthy.

This creates a network of nested Security Circles that define who can execute the transaction. This new method allows ONE Mining network members to mine cryptocurrency on phones and computers by leveraging existing social connections among members’ reputable groups, at no cost.

Can I change my username in ONE Network?

No, your username (ie referral code) cannot be changed as it is your unique identifier registered with ONE Network.

Can I change the referral code from the person who invited me to join ONE Network?

No, unfortunately, ONE Network cannot let you change the person who invited you to join ONE Network as ONE Network will have to respect and comply with ONE Network’s referral system regulations.

Can I change my phone number if I have verified it for the first login?

No, Once you have chosen to use a phone number as the registration method, you can only sign in to your ONE account by verifying that phone number.

What is ONE’s current price?

Currently, ONE Mining Network is worth approximately 0, the equivalent of Bitcoin in the early years of its inception. ONE’s value will be proven over time, recognition, and exchange of goods and services provided by members of the ONE Network.

By concentrating our recognition, goods, and services around one common currency, ONE member will receive more economic value, which is inherently deflated by banks. technology and other intermediaries take up.

Can I withdraw my ONE?

No, you cannot withdraw ONE at this time. You will be able to withdraw ONE or exchange ONE for other currencies during Phase 3 of the Project when ONE moves to a fully decentralized Blockchain.

And ONE is used as a means of liquidity in the ecosystem that ONE Network is aiming for. During phase 1, your balance is being recorded with an assurance that will be withheld when ONE moves to the Main Network (Stage 3).

ONE transfers are restricted until we use the Main Network to prevent the accumulation of ONE fake account. For example, a bad person can mine ONE from fake accounts, switch ONE to the primary account and then verify the primary account to legally use these ONE tokens.

When can ONE be exchanged for real money?

ONE holder will be able to exchange ONE for real money when they purchase goods and services on the VIKIONE Ecosystem where ONE is the primary currency for liquidity or exchange ONE for fiat currency on products for which ONE is listed.

ONE Mining Network Crypto holders has two options for converting their money into real money

  • Withdrawal: Buy directly goods and services in ONE on VIKIONE Ecosystem.
  • Exchange their ONE for currency (e.g. dollars, euros, etc.) on cryptocurrency exchanges.

1) Directly purchase goods and services with your ONE. Network ONE is building a peer-to-peer marketplace where members will be able to directly use ONE to purchase goods and services.

2) Exchange ONE for another currency on crypto exchanges. The development team did not control ONE when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.) when deciding to put ONE on the exchange. However, ONE will be able to be traded during Phase 3 of the Project (Main Network). At that time, Exchanges may choose to list ONE.

Can you mine ONE on multiple devices?

No, you cannot mine on multiple devices with your same name. The network has a strict rule of thumb, one account per person. ONE uses an omnidirectional strategy to ensure ONE is not exploited by fake accounts.

Is ONE Network App a Wallet?

Do we keep a Private / Public Key? And can we use External Wallet to keep our ONE in the future?

Yes, your phone and computer will act as a Crypto Wallet associated with your existing accounts (phone number / Facebook). Like any other public Blockchain, Blockchain ONE will also allow the app’s internal/external wallets to hold and transact ONE by sending the transaction directly in by sending the transaction directly to the Blockchain.




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