Here we will know what is the Christmas festival. How important is Christmas and Jesus Christ in the Christian community? Christmas is considered to be the biggest festival in the Christian community.

People of the Christian community celebrate this festival with great pomp and gaiety. Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25 December. On this day, the Lord Jesus Christ i.e. Jesus Christ was born.

All About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was a great figure and taught society about love and humanity. He gave a message to the people to live with love and brotherhood.

Jesus is considered the only living son of God. The rulers of that time did not like the message of Jesus Christ. He killed Jesus by hanging him on the cross. It is believed that Jesus was resurrected.

On Christmas day Christian people decorate their house very well. Christmas preparations begin already. The leave lasts for about a week. The brightness of the markets increases. The houses and markets are illuminated with beautiful flowers and colorful lights.

Special prayers take place in the church. People visit their relatives and friends at their home on that day. All give each other gifts. On Christmas day a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard. The special decoration is done.

Cake has special significance at this festival. The custom of cutting and feeding sweets and cakes is very old. People feed each other sweets and cake and congratulate the festival. Taking the form of Santa Claus, the person distributes chocolates, toffees, gifts, etc. to the children.

It is said that Santa Claus comes from heaven and goes to the people as a gift.

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Complete information about Merry Christmas 2020

People of the Christian community celebrate the Christmas festival with joy on 25 December every year. The Christmas festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is the biggest and happiest festival in the Christian community.

15 days before Christmas, the people of Christ’s community start preparing for it.

Households are cleaned, new clothes are bought, different types of dishes are made. Churches are specially decorated by the Christians on this day.

A few days before Christmas, various programs are started in the church which continues till New Year 2021.

In these programs, the birth story of Lord Jesus Christ is displayed as a drama. Christ songs and different types of games are played, prayers are performed, etc.

In many places, on the night before Christmas, a night prayer meeting is held in the churches, which goes on till 12 in the night. At exactly 12 o’clock, people give Christmas greetings to their loved ones and celebrate their happiness.

On Christmas morning there is a special prayer meeting in the churches.

A special Christmas dish is a cake, the cake is incomplete without Christmas.

On this day, people decorate the Christmas tree with lights in the church and their homes.

Santa Claus gives chocolates and gifts to children. On Christmas day people of other religions also pray by lighting candles in the church.

History of merry Christmas

Christmas is the most celebrated festival in the world. The Christmas festival has been celebrated all over the world for the last 2000 years. In America, Christmas day is kept as a state holiday since 1870.

From the birth of Lord Jesus to his rebirth, we have seen many films and dramas. The history of the actual day of the birth of Lord Jesus has not yet been known, because Jesus’ birthday was not celebrated for three centuries.

Nowhere in the Bible is the actual day of Jesus’ birthday written. Only the shepherds present at the birth of Jesus believed that the birth of Jesus is between winter and spring.

Jesus’ birthday was officially celebrated for the first time on the 25th of December, 336 according to the Roman calendar. After which Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December.

According to the Roman calendar, many people started celebrating Merry Christmas on the 25th of December. However, some people still celebrated Easter as the main festival. From 1870, a state holiday was started in Britain.

The tradition of Sama’s tree has been celebrated since the 8th century. However, the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree began in 1912 at the request of her father of a sick child named Jonathan.

Every year more than 3 million original Christmas trees are sold only in America. There are more than 20000 Christmas trees growing in America and every tree is ready to sell in 15 years.

In Greek and Russian churches (Christmas), this festival is celebrated for 13 days after Christmas. Which is called Three Kings Day and on this day Lord Jesus was reborn.

Now we will read information related to the origin of Santa Claus. Santa Claus, born in the country of Turkey, was named after Nicholas, a pastor. Nicholas was the senior-most clergyman in 325 CE and named them “childlike demons”, attributing responsibility for Jesus’ death.

Birth and history of Jesus

It is said in the Bible that before the birth of Jesus, it was predicted that on earth a son of God would be born, who would save the world. Then Jesus was born as a result.

Jesus was born in a cowshed. Whose first news was received by Gaderio and at the same time a star made the prophecy of the birth of God true.

Till the age of 30, he roamed many places and served the common man with his miracles. Jesus had foreshadowed his death as well and had told all this to his followers.

He had also prayed to God for the people who killed him even while swinging on the cross.

How to celebrate Merry Christmas

There is a celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ in every country. Birthday is celebrated in every country according to the local tradition there. Indian Christian society celebrates birthdays in a very simplistic manner.

In India, especially in Panaji, Goa, this festival is worth seeing. On the beach of Panaji, many foreign and foreign tourists gather. The weather for December is also pleasant. Riding in the sea is just another fun.

People of all religions wearing a Santa Claus hat on a pub, church, or beach will be seen trembling to the tune of English prayers and songs. The aroma of the cake keeps coming from all around the church. The celebration of this festival is made in Goa. Church of Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Antony’s Church, St. Andrew’s Church, Navalin, etc. are famous churches of Goa.

In Kerala, people celebrate the Christmas festival by forgetting the discrimination of caste and religion amidst the chill of bitterness. Christianity was first propagated by Saint Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ from this state of India, that is why people of Christian society live in traffic in the Indian state of Kerala.

St. George’s Church, Holy Family Church, St. Francis Church, St. Cruise Basilica Church, St. George’s Cathedral, Parumala, etc. The church is the famous church here. There is a historical church in Kerala named after St. Thomas and Mother Mary.

Merry Christmas is prevalent in the markets of Kerala. There are interestingness and joy among the children about the face and cap of Santa Claus.

Christmas is also celebrated in Kolkata of West Bengal. Due to the service and propagation of Christianity by Mother Teresa, there has been a considerable population of Christian society in West Bengal. Under the aegis of the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa, all the churches of St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. John’s, Bandel, etc. Hindu and Christian societies enjoy the Merry Christmas festival.

There are many churches in West Bengal and Assam, where their decorations are made on Christmas day. Similarly, shopping malls and streets are well-stocked on Christmas day in major cities across the country. People of Christian society take out processions on the streets wearing Santa Claus hats and faces.

Decorate beautiful Christmas trees from house to house. Cakes and sweets are distributed to each other. Special prayers in the church.

Happy Merry Christmas 2020 🙂


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