Loom Solar Advance is a new short-term earning app that claims to double your money within ten days. Loom Solar Advance is a fake app that was launched on May 16, 2022, on Play Store.

We are the first to review this app on Google. Many fake apps are available in the market like Ads Exchange, ASJ Forex Global and Dani Data App.

In this review article, we will evaluate the Loom Solar Advance. We will see its minimum investment plan, how it is fake, and finally, what is the best place to invest.

About Loom Solar Advance App:

Loom Solar Advance is a fake app. It claims to double your money when you invest in it. Its minimum investment plan starts from Rs.2000. It will give you Rs 4000, double or Rs 2000 after ten days.


As we know, there is neither any bank nor any trading platform in the world that doubles your money in 10 days.

Is Loom Solar Advance App Fake?

Yes, it is a fake app. Recently the most popular app Dani Data did fraud. Millions of people all over India lost crores in this scam. We suggest you do not invest in it.

How is Loom Solar Advance App Fraud detected?

We are calling it fake because of the following things.

  • It is a new app.
  • How does it double your money in a short time?
  • Not registered by any Organization.
  • Only WhatsApp and Telegram communication are possible with the administrator.
  • The minimum investment amount is two thousand Indian currency.
  • It also follows the same technology as the Dani data app.
  • Withdrawal service tax is 6%.
  • Not a professional design of the app.
  • No information is available about the owner and the team.
  • A Social Media account is not available.

What to do in case of a scam?

Change the banking details you have provided to scammers. Remove all software they asked you to install.
Complain to the police or visit the nearest cyber security cell.
Do not trust any recovery agents who promise you to retrieve your money for free – this is also a type of scam.

However, if you used Visa or MasterCard to make a deposit, there’s a good chance of getting a chargeback – both card providers allow chargebacks within 540 days of the transaction. Reversing wire transfers and payments made through e-wallets is difficult but not impossible – contact your bank or payment solution provider to ask for assistance.

Don’t hesitate to go to the police or inform the authorities. Share your story with as many people as possible so that they come to know about such scams.

What is the best place to invest?

There are many platforms in the market which are genuine. It depends on you in which you want to invest—the Best place to invest in INDMoney, Upstox and Angel.

All of them are trading platforms and also provide you with refer and earn options. You can easily earn from them by referring to your friends. Let me give you a brief about these apps.


INDMoney is the best trading app in India where you can trade US Stocks. INDMoney super-saving app provides you with a facility to open a free US Demate and trading account. Yes, You will get a free US Trading account. You can buy and sell stock like Google, Amazon, Tesla, and Apple. The account Opening process little difficult compared with Upstox and Angel One. Know the account opening process of INDMoney here.


Upstox is the best platform to buy Indian Shares. Here, You will be able to apply for the upcoming IPOs in India. You can also trade Indian stocks. Upstox also provides you with a facility to refer and earn. Click here to open a free account on Upstox and start earning.

Angel One

You will get a free Demat account. The account opening process is online. You can apply for the IPOs. There are many facilities that you gain after opening a free account in Angle One. You can also earn money by referring to this app to your friends.

Features of Angle One:

  1. Free Demat A/C
  2. Brokerage cashback UPTO ₹500 for 30 Days
  3. Free Margin Trading Funding for the first 30 Days.

Click here to open a free-angle one account. If asked use my referral code 602669ahS.


CoinDCX is the largest Crypto Trading company in India. It has a user base of 10 million. You can easily buy and sell crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more. You can also earn money by inviting your friends. Click here to open a free account. You need to complete KYC in order to get a signup bonus worth Rs 300. Click here to open a free CoinDCX Account. You will get a Shiba Inu worth Rs 300 for free as a signup bonus.



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