Koya news 2.0 is a new version of Koya news. Koyanews and Kotanews all are blog websites that deliver high-quality content on the Internet. We are delivering Blogs about the latest product realized, current affairs, and app reviews.

Koyanews is the first website that delivered the very first review on some fraud apps including Double Q, Cattle Farm Earning App. Our team was busy these few months so we are not able to write content. From now, we will continue this website with all good quality content.


You can contact us on the official Koya News Facebook page: koyanews

About Koya News 2.0

Hi Friends, This is Sanjay Sah from Koyanews.com. Here I am going to write something about us on our blog. I am a blogger by profession and I am working as a blogger for the last 3 years. You know I love spending a lot of time on the internet and am always eager to get knowledge from different sources. that’s why I have a great passion to learn and earn from Online and want to become my own boss. At starting I have no experience with Blogging so I started my first blog on Blogger from there my interests were growing and I become a knowledge seeker of Online

Koya News 2.0

We have completed our two-year journey. We are back in 2022 with huge energy and excitement.




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