Kartik Chhath Puja 2021 Date: Chhath Puja celebrated in November is known as Bada Chhath Puja or Summer Chhath puja or Kartik Chhath Puja. Chhath Puja celebrated in April or May is known as Chaiti Chhath Puja or April Chhath or Winter Chhath.

Chhath Puja is one of the most important festivals of Hindus. Every year we celebrate Chhath two times, one in November and another in April.

This year Kartik Chhath Puja 2021 is celebrated from Wednesday, 10th November. Chhath Puja is mostly celebrated in Bihar of India.


Summer Chhath Puja 2021 Date in Bihar

10 November 2021WednesdayNahay KhayChaturthi
11 November 2021ThursdaysKharnaPanchami
12 November 2021FridaySandhya ArghyaShashthi
13 November 2021SaturdaySuryoday ArghaSaptami
Chhath puja 2021 date in Bihar

There is a huge importance of Kartik Chhath Puja. The festival is celebrated for thanksgiving to the Hindu God Sun.

Day Remaining for Chhath Puja 2021 !!

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Four important days in Chhath

Nahay Khay

Nahay Khay is the first day of Chhath. It starts by taking a dip in the holy Ganges or by sprinkling Ganga-Jal (holy water) and worshiping the Sun God. After which, Kaddu-Bhaat (pumpkin curry and rice) along with Channa dal prepared and eaten.


On the first day, devotees abstain from eating, apart from the morning meal, until the next day’s evening (Kharna) where they eat Kheer (cooked rice in jaggery or milk), Puri, and fruits. The second day of Chhat is known as or Kharna or Barauna.

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Sandhya Argha

Sandhya Argha or Sandhya Ghat (Evening Offering) is the third day of Chhath. Those on a fast completely abstain from eating anything on this day. Devotees worship the sinking sun and give offerings (Argha) in the evening. 

Suryoday Argha

Suryoday Argha (Paran Day) or Bhorwa Ghat (Morning Arghya) is the last day of Chhat. On this day, devotees give Argha and worshiping the Sun early in the morning post. Devotees break their fast, eating the Chhath Prasad kheer, sweets, Thekua, and fruits.




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