How to make money online: Hello Friends, in this article today, we will tell you the 20 Top Ways to Make Money Online from Home. You can make money online through Social Media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or Instagram.

In today’s age, Everyone needs money. In the affair of earning money, one does not know what people do. But in today’s internet age, more and more people, especially the younger generation, think about making money online.

Today, through this post, we will tell you 20 ways to earn money online so that you can easily earn 500 to 1000 rupees in a day just by working 3 to 4 hours sitting at home.

Are You using TikTok? Do You Know you, you can make money form TikTok too.

How to Make Money from Online

First of all, for your information, let us know that you do not need any High Qualifications or any Technically, Experience, and knowledge to make money online from the Internet or Google from home.

If you have good knowledge about Computer, Mobile and Internet, you can easily earn good money by sitting at home. You can easily earn money from your Computer, Android Phone, and Internet by following it at home.

20 Ways To Make Money Online in 2021

Guys, there is no doubt that new technology is being invented day by day. Due to this, today, all the work is becoming much easier than before. This also creates the opportunity to make money online.

So now everyone wants everything in this digital world. Why not earn some money just by sitting at home. If you think too.

Online survey:

Guys, the online survey is a great way to make money sitting at home. If you have information about a product or business, you can easily make money sitting at home from an online survey.

You can easily do 4-5 surveys every day. Let me tell you the names of some of the websites: Star Panel, Toluene, Survey Head. There are some other similar websites that you can contact.

Online Teaching:

This is also a great way to make money online. If you have a good knowledge of a subject or a language, you can teach students online.

For this, You can make website and sell your courses. You can also sell your courses on LMS website like Udemy.

Speaking of social media today, you can read your subject online by adding your familiar children or other people to a What’s app group on What’s app. And make good money.

You can also teach in YouTube and earn money.

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Content Writer:

If you have a passion for writing, you can easily make money, you can write an article and sell it online, or you can create a blog website and publish those articles there.

Many sites pay for your article. For this, you can connect through Facebook, or there are many pages on Facebook where there is a Requirement of Content Writer, then you can also talk to Blogger there. You can talk to them about yourself and write articles. You can easily earn Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 per day by writing an article.

Guys, you will find many popular sites on the Internet from where you can start writing articles. Such as:

Online Data Entry:

This is the most popular work to make money online if you have a good knowledge of Internet or Computer, such as Ms. Word, Excel Typing, etc.

By doing this you can earn from 1500 to 2000.

Micro Jobs:

Micro is a small category of work. It allows you to share a page or video, or watch a video, design a picture or logo, you can also include photo and video editing.

At first, learning video editing is difficult. However, as with any new skill, the more time you spend editing videos, learning video editing software, and learning new techniques, the easier it will feel. If you’re a beginner, you can use online tools such as Pcmag and Clipchamp, or if you want to edit short videos on your phone, you can use apps such as video maker for business, Inshot, and Filimorago. Although mobile apps offer fewer editing options than online video editing tools, they are ideal for short videos such as YouTube shorts or Instagram stories.

By doing this you can make money online from home. You don’t even have to work hard. In which you can earn good money in a short time

SMS Sending Job:

You must have seen in your newspaper that many such telecom company ads come. Which provides SMS Job, which you can easily search on the Internet, nowadays even add in Newspaper.

From here too you can earn good money by sending some SMS from home.

But remember one thing, you should know all the information about what you see, because there are some jobs in which you can also be given fieldwork.

So it would be better if you get to know him well

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Insurance Agent:

I don’t know if you personally like this job or not but if you have a way to make other people attractive and explain them well.


So this job is very good for you in which you can create your own network by becoming an insurance agent.

You will get Life Time Commission for all the people you insure, like there are some companies that do all this LIC, ICICI, HDFC, TATA AIG etc.


If you want to make good money online with the help of internet sitting at home.

So Blogging is the best. In the beginning you may have trouble with it but if you have good knowledge about anyone in Technology, Event, Traveling Etc which you can write about then it can be quite easy for you. Is.

Here you have to create your blog related to the topic about which you have good information and publish content on it from where you can start earning after 5 to 6 months.

There are many online advertising companies from which you can earn money through ads in your blog.

Read this to know How to create a website for free and earn money from a blog


How to make money online: – The best answer to this question is YouTube because you can easily earn millions of rupees a month from YouTube. Everyone has heard about YouTube, it is a website that no one is unaware of. Millions of videos are uploaded here every day.

Where there are millions of views. Friends As you must know that since the arrival of Xiao, the number of people on YouTube has increased a lot. There are many people from here who are also earning lakhs of rupees from you tube.

So now you also have a golden opportunity to make money from here. You don’t have to do much here, just for this you have to create a channel based on the same topic on which you have good knowledge like blogging.

And uploading videos on it. When views and subscribers start appearing on your video, then you have to connect to Google Adsense from the coming channel and then you will start earning money easily.

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Drop Shipping:

Guys dropshipping (Wiki) is a very good platform to make money online. People do not know much about drop shipping.

There are a lot of people today who do not know about dripping. Dropsing is an online business that is very profitable.

Do you know what is drop shipping? Drop shipping is an online business where people market a product by picking up a mall from a platform.

This means you have to put the product of Alibaba or any other site on your own website (store) and you can earn lakhs through marketing of the same product.

It will not cost you the product, nor can you make money online by working from home. This is a very profitable way to make money online in India right now


If you can save a little money, then you can start a small business at home, just like you can open a store.

And you can do whatever you like, like you can do tiffin service.

There are many more things you can do according to your interests. And make good money.


Friends, as everyone knows, nowadays the time for fashion is going on a lot.

This work can prove to be very good for you if you have an idea to make different clothes.

So you can do tailoring work sitting at home and if you do not know this job then you can also give this job to any Institutes.

Or you can give it to a friend who does this work and you can easily learn it, so that you can easily earn money sitting at home.

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Domestic Call Center:

Friends, do you know that you can open your own call center at home and answer the questions of the customer sitting at home.

Some companies do this.

You can open your call center according to your language. You can contact Newspaper and Company about it.


how to make money from
how to make money from

Guys you must have heard of the website sometime or other. No matter if you don’t know about, we will share everything with you through this article.

Guys is a Freelancing Platform. If you have a Skill then you can earn a lot of money through your Skill. Here you will find a lot of jobs according to your skill.

Guys, nowadays everyone wants to sit at home and wish for money. This is a very good platform if you can work from home.

Do you know how to create an account on Fiverr? If you do not know, then follow the steps given by us.

Do you know how it works on First of all if you are a new Freelancing then you have to give at least 3 months time to work.

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First, you have to create a profile according to your skill. After that, you have to set the Pay Price according to your work.

If any user needs your skill, they will order on your gig according to the rating and price of their profile. And when you complete the work, you also get Directly Payment.

This was the process of making money from If you also have a skill, then you must go to Fiverr and work. And you can make a lot of money from there.

Click Here to Visit Here:

Amazon Affiliate:

How to make money with Amazon Affiliate:
How to make money with Amazon Affiliate:

Guys, you must know about Amazon Affiliate Program. In this topic, we will talk about how to earn money from Amazon Affiliate.

Guys, it is true that people earn from 100$ to over 1000$ a month using Amazon Affiliate.

But it must have occurred to you that we could also earn so much money?

Let friends tell you that there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn 100$ or 1000$ a month by using Amazon Affiliate.

But how do we know?

You know the difference between those earning 1000 1000 and you.

Why don’t we seize whatever results soon? You know, today those who are earning 1000 $ a month have given at least one year or 2 years from designing the site, Content Writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) only after implementing all these Earn more.

Let me tell you how you can make money online with Amazon Affiliate.

STEP 1: Choose a good Niche. It is very important that you are interested in whatever Niche you choose, so that you can give the right information to the people about that product.

STEP 2: Friends, a good niche does not mean that you have seen someone else’s website where there is millions of traffic and you also start working on the same niche.

First you have to do Competitor Analysis.

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From the niche you are selecting, you have to see how much is the DA, PA of the TOP 10 results ?, how many backlinks have they made?

STEP 3: Guys, after that you should buy a related domain of Niche and buy a good hosting.

STEP 4: After buying Domain and Hosting, select a nice theme and add it to your site. If you have a budget, you can buy a theme and use it on your site.

STEP 5: After completing the design of the site, now you have to do the most important work Keyword Research. There are many methods of Keyword Research, which you can find and add to an Excel Sheet.

STEP 6: After that you should try to write more length content than your competitor by targeting keywords. Minimum Content-Length is better than 1000 Words.

STEP 7: Now you can market your content and share on social media if possible, if possible add video content to your website.

STEP 8: Lastly, if your traffic is more than 100 then you should join the Amazon affiliate program. And you add your product link to the content.

Whenever someone clicks on your link and buys any product, you will get commission directly from that product.

That’s how you can make money with Amazon Affiliate.


Guys did you know you can make money online from Facebook too. Facebook is a social media platform. Nowadays everyone uses social media. There will always be someone who does not know how to use Facebook.

Nowadays people are becoming social media influencers by using social media. And Monthly is also earning lakhs of rupees.

You too can become a social media influencer. So read till last so that you can earn money from Facebook.

Today I will talk in detail about how you can make money from Facebook.

STEP 1: Guys, you need a Facebook Page to make money online from Facebook.

If you have an offline business and you can sell your goods online, you can use the Facebook page.

First you have to create a Facebook page, then you have to list your product on your page.

After that you put What’s App Button, Messenger Button on the Facebook page. After that people will contact you and you will be able to sell.

And that’s how you make money online through Facebook Page.

STEP 2: Friends, you know that Facebook has recently launched a new Monetization Policy. Do you know how you can monetize your page?

Guys, in order to do Facebook Page Monetization, you have to create a Facebook Page. After that you have to upload videos on the page.

You should also have 10,000 Followers on your page. And you must have 30,000 Minutes Watch Time. Only then can you monetize your Facebook Page.

This is how you can make money online through Facebook page

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URL Shortener:

Guys, did you know we can also make money online through URL Shortener. Now you may be wondering what is this URL Shortener and how we can make money from here.

Yes friends, you will be able to make money online by shortening any URL.

But let us know how.

Friends, you must have shortened the URL of your website or the URL of Youtube. But you can also make money through that link after shortening the URL.

You may have heard of Google’s URL Shortener site It was absolutely free but Google has blocked it.

Nowadays you will find a lot of URL Shortener sites from where you can make a lot of money.

I have mentioned about which site you will be able to make money online by using it.

The first site in my opinion, this is a very good site from where you can earn $ 2 only after registration.

Along with that you will get money from all the URLs you shorten.

E-commerce Websites:

Guys, when it comes to e-commerce, today’s time is on the boom. In the same way that our country is growing digitally, nowadays people have started buying online products.

The largest e-commerce platform in the industry is: Amazon, Flipkart, eBay Etc.

People nowadays have started buying more and more items from these platforms.

You can also make money online using the Ecommerce Platform in this digital age. But let us know how:

STEP 1: The first step will be your product. Your product has to be the best, which is the need of the logo.

STEP 2: Second you have to do Market Research. Rate of whatever product you will sell, whether your product logo has Need or not, and already angle people are selling your products. I mean you have to do research on competitors.

STEP 3: After that you have to keep the name of the store. You have to buy a domain with the same name.

STEP 4: After registering the domain, you have to do the site design and you have to do the listing of all the products on the site.

STEP 5: After that, you should make sure that your Store should be User Friendly so that your Site Mobile also has a Fast Load. And you have to set Without Any Trouble from Buy Option of Products to Payment Gateway.

STEP 6: After that, whenever someone buys from your store, you will get Direct Payment.

This is how you can make money online using Ecommerce.

Guys, one thing to keep in mind is that before you start Ecommerce, you should do your own research and understand.

E-commerce is going to grow a lot even after 2020, so by starting this business you can make a lot of money from online.

We have shared a small information with you, so you should research it deeply.

Domain Flipping | Website Flipping:

Guys, have you ever bought and sold a website? Even if it is done, you may not have knowledge about it.

Did you know that by flipping Domain and Website you can earn millions of crores. But let us know how:

Suppose you have purchased a domain from which your domain is in the name of a company,

Or if a company cannot afford to buy your company from this domain, then you can earn millions by selling that domain to your company.

For this you have to list it on the auction of Godaddy and from there you can sell that domain.

In the world of domain and website flipping, the biggest name at today’s time is

You may have heard these names for the first time but people are earning lakhs of crores of rupees by using Flippa.

Basically to make money online from Flippa like I mentioned earlier you can domain listing like Godaddy.

Secondly, you have to make that site profitable by creating a website on a specific niche, and whenever you start earning Monthly 100- $ 1000 monthly from that site or even work from it, you can sell it on Flippa in lakhs.

There is a little bit of hard work in this business but you can earn lakhs, crores from here

Network Marketing:

Guys, you must have heard about Network Marketing. But do you know what is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is also called MLM (Multi-level marketing).

How can we make money online with Network Marketing? Do you want to know

Let us know about it in detail:

Network Marketing is a Marketing Model, it is a Marketing Model by which a Company has delivered its Products to the logo.

This is a marketing model for people who have been able to sell their products as much as possible.

If you look, this whole game is Word Of Mouth. If you look, you must have been recommending Kus Na Kus people since childhood.

But you did not get any commission or money from him.

But in Network Marketing you have to recommend or promote the products of a good company to the people and if people buy those products then you get Directly Commission.

To earn money from Network Marketing, you have to promote a product on a company and you will continue to get commission from all the people who will join through you.

And from here you can make money online through Commission in lakhs of crores.

If you look, this is a very good business model, which you can also earn a lot of money


That’s all for today guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this article online Paise Kaise Kamaye. If you want to make money online, then try these 12 Ways. And you start working by choosing one of the fields. One day you will definitely get success in Online Field.

If there is any question related to this, you must tell it in the comment. Guys, if you like the article, please share.



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