Happy Dhanteras 2021: The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated on the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Lord Dhanvantari Dev is worshiped on this day.

This time the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 2. Lord Dhanvantari Dev is worshiped on this day.

Dhanteras 2021 will be celebrated on 2nd November 2021(16th Kartik 2078).

About Dhanteras 2021:

The festival of Dhanteras (Dhanteras 2021) is celebrated on the day of Trayodashi (Krishna Paksha Triyodashi) of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This time the festival of Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2 November (Dhanteras 2021 On 2 November).


Lord Dhanvantari Dev (Bhagwan Dhanvantri Puja) is worshiped on this day. It is believed that on this day, during the churning of the ocean, Lord Dhanvantari appeared with an urn in his hand. Therefore, on this day, there is a law to worship Lord Dhanvantari.

It is said that the five-day festival of Diwali (Diwali 2021) begins from the day of Dhanteras. There is a lot of excitement in the markets. There is also a tradition of shopping on this day. In the markets, there is a lot of crowd at the shops of gold, silver, utensils, clothes, etc.

On the day of Dhanteras, worship of Kuber Dev, Mahalakshmi Ji, Dhanvantari Dev, and Yamraj (Yamraj Puja) is done. It is said that by worshiping her on this day, the grace of Mother Lakshmi remains in the house. On this special occasion, you can also wish your loved ones a Happy Dhanteras. And also wish to celebrate a safe and secure festival through the message.

Significance of Dhanteras

On Dhanteras, people light Diya outside their homes at night. It is also believed that on Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi emerged during Samudramanthan along with Lord Kubera. Lord Kuber is also known as the God of Wealth. That is why offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber on this day can bring wealth to your family.

It is believed that buying new jewelry, or gold coin, new utensils, and clothes or gold coins on Dhanteras brings good luck to your family. Some people also buy vehicles and electronic items on Dhateras.

Happy Dhanteras 2021 Wishes

This Dhanteras Maa Lakshmi is seated at your doorstep
Be happy and keep getting you immense wealth.
Happy DhanterasIf the lamp is lit, your world will be illuminated.

May every wish be with the blessings of Mother Lakshmi Ji.
You are very rich on this Dhanteras
Happy Dhanteras.

Lakshmi will come so that the name will be everywhere
The business will increase day and night, so much work will be done
Sartaj will be made in home, family, society
Happy Dhanteras in advance.

Eat a lot of sweet dishes
shine in health
people have only gone to the moon
You go higher than that.

May your business grow day by day
love and affection in the family
May you always be showered with money
May this be your festival of Dhanteras

May there be a rain of wealth, beginning of happiness,
May you get all the happiness of life,
May Goddess Lakshmi resides in your house
Happy Dhanteras!!

The golden chariot is the palanquin of the moonlight, in which Mother Lakshmi is sitting, Wishing you and your entire family a Happy Dhanteras!!!

May this Dhanteras be so special,
May the house be the abode of your Lakshmi,
Don’t be far, everyone is with you…

The light of the lamp, the sweetness of sweet sweets,
Firecrackers rain, money, and paddy rain every day
May the festival of Dhanteras bring happiness to you…

Happy Dhanteras to everyone,
Always remain the shadow of Lakshmi Ji in the house.
all to live with love,
Because it rains in the form of wealth.




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