Father’s Day Date in Nepal is on 5th Bhadra 2079, Wednesday (i.e. June 19, 2022). We celebrate Nepali Father’s Day on 19th June 2022 (5th Bhadra 2079).

Father’s Day is also known as Kushe Aaushi, Gorkha Aaushi, or Pitri Tripani Aausi in Nepal. Father’s Day called बुवाको मुख हेर्ने दिन in Nepali. It is celebrated on no moon day of Bhadra every year.

In Hinduism, the father, mother, and teacher are given the status of God. Father is the protector, teacher, and saviour. Father’s Day is a day to pay respect to him once more.

Father’s Day is a special day when we honour our father for his love and care for us throughout his life. As a result, this day is known as “Babu ko Mukh Herne din” in Nepali. Mukh Herne means “to see someone’s face.”

When is Father’s Day in Nepali Date

When is Father’s Day in Nepali Date? Every year we celebrate Father’s Day in Nepali on the no-moon day of the lunar dark fortnight in Bhadra. This year it falls on 5th Bhadra.

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