Enacon Wind Earning App is a new earning app that claims to pay you a huge amount when you complete a task.

Enacon Wind Earning App claims to give you Rs 80 on every task you complete. This app also offers you a higher earning rate on your investment. You can make money when you purchase a VIP plan.

Before you invest in it or join the platform, do you know about the app completely? Do you know if your money is safe? Can you ever receive a withdrawal? Is the app legit or not?

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In this review article, I will give you everything that you should know before investing in it. Welcome to Koyanews.

About Enacon Wind Earning App?

Enacon Wind Earning App is a new and fake earning app. You will lose your time and money when you invest. enaconwind.com is the website for the Enacon Wind Earning App. This website is only 22 days old from the date of writing this article.

This is a completely new app and no one knows how long it will last.


How Does Enacon Wind Earning App Work?

Let me tell you a brief about the working mechanism of KK Mining.

At first, you have to create a new account. After that, you have to fill in all the details to complete your profile. You also have to add your bank details to receive payment. You will get a free account where you can earn money by performing some tasks.

Now you have to deposit money in the app through UPI. After that, you can purchase a plan to increase your earnings.

You don’t receive payment in a free account. You must have to purchase a plane to receive your payment. To withdraw the money you must have a minimum threshold amount in your account. I am not sure that after doing these all things you will get all your money.

Initially, the app pays you. But gradually the app delays your payment and gives you a different reason for it.

Add your fund at your own risk. Koyanews is not responsible for any loss or profit you make. We are not recommending you invest in these types of apps.

We recommended our viewers earn money from a legit site or app. IND money is one of the legit apps. You can earn Rs 500 signup bonus when you create a new account. You just need to use these codes at the time of signup to receive the bonus.

You can earn money by investing in US Stock. You will get a free uS stock of Tesla, Amazon, Google or Apple worth Rs 250 to Rs 1000 when you deposit a minimum amount of Rs 500 to Your US Stock from the app itself. You will get a Free US Demate and Treading account. You can withdraw this amount anytime you wish.

Use these Codes at registration to earn Free US Stock. Know more about the Indmoney app.

ESM4SS7UAMZ -> Amazon Stock

ZQV4SS7UTSL -> Tesla Stock

MOK4SS7UAPL -> Apple Stock

Note: To claim US Stock of Tesla, Amazon or Apple you must have to add funds. For more information contact us on Telegram.

Is Enacon Wind Earning App Real or Fake?

No, It is not a real app. It is completely a fake app. It is a scam. You will lose your time and money when you join it. Please do not invest in a new platform.

The question will arise in your mind if it is a fake app then why people are promoting it on YouTube?

Some of the Youtuber has received their payment. But do you receive it? There is only a 1% chance that you get your payment. Some of the Youtuber are saying it a fake.

Now, I am telling you the reason for saying it is a fake app.

How is the Enacon Wind Earning App Scam?

I am telling you this because of the following reasons.

New App

This app is registered on 2022-05-22 at 06:54:35. It is a new app. No one is aware of its owner and team. We don’t know how long will it last.

We don’t recommend you invest in such types of apps. You must invest in a legit app like IND Money. The ROI (Return on investment) is less but you don’t lose your money.

Social Profile:

We don’t find the social profile of the Enacon Wind Earning App on any popular social media site like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I think the investment site must have social media account to interact with people and keep people updated about new policies.

App in Play Store or App Store:

No, the Enacon Wind Earning App is not available in the play store or in App Store. You can download only an Apk of it.

Design and Looks:

Its design is similar to other fake apps. KK Mining App and WP Fund are one of them. All of them are using the same template by doing some changes like name, logo, images, description, and colors.

Enacon Wind Earning App Withdrawal:

You don’t receive payment in your free account. You can see your earnings but it is useless until you get them in your bank account. To receive your payment you must have to add funds and purchase a plan. According to that plan, you receive the payment.


This article is only for information purposes. We are not liable for your loss or profit. All the information presented above is found on the internet.

If you have any queries or something to say about it then please comment below or you can join our Telegram Group.

All the information mentioned above is my opinion. I, “Koyanews”, is not responsible for any fraud or misleading the customer of the app.



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