In March 2016, white giraffes were spotted in Kenya

Kenya has installed GPS tracking equipment to protect the world’s only remaining white giraffe from predators, according to conservationists.

The wildlife conservation group said the lone male giraffe’s activity could be detected immediately.

Lucism is a rare genetic condition that prevents pigmentation of the skin.

This is the only white giraffe left after two members of the giraffe’s family were killed by poachers in March.


The target of the hunter

The giraffe is feared to be killed like a female and a seven-month-old baby with the same skin, Ranger said.

The giraffe’s body was found at a conservation center in northeastern Kenya’s Garisa County.

Now the white male giraffe lives alone.

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The Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy, which monitors wildlife in the area, said the GPS device was attached to one of the giraffe’s horns on November 8.

The sighting of a white woman and a baby was much talked about, but now both have been killed by predators

Conservation initiatives

White Giraffe
White Giraffe

A statement issued on Tuesday stated that the non-profit group used the device to report giraffe activity every hour.

This will help the rangers to protect the different types of animals from predators.

The group’s manager, Mohammad Ahmadur, thanked conservationists for their help in protecting giraffes and other wildlife.

The Kenya Wildlife Society, the region’s main conservation body, said it would help conserve unique wildlife, such as the white giraffe.

White giraffe

In March 2016, white giraffes were spotted in Kenya. About two months later, white giraffes were spotted in neighboring Tanzania.

A year later, a white woman and her baby were spotted in Kenya.

The giraffe, found in more than 15 countries in Africa, is the world’s tallest mammal.

These animals are killed by predators for their skin, flesh, and body parts. About 40 percent of giraffes have disappeared in the last 30 years.

The main reason is poaching and wildlife smuggling, according to the Africa Wildlife Foundation.

The giraffe on the IUCN Red List is an endangered species. It is said to number around 68,000 worldwide.



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