Already some miners are using the wrong wallet address to redeem (withdraw) Eagle Token. If you are not sure, please wait and seek direction first, by rushing into things in crypto and blockchain you can lose.

You need a BSC wallet address to redeem (withdraw), we advise you to wait for Eagle Network crypto wallet as you will earn crypto rewards for using this new unique wallet. Wait for it.


Eagle Mining Network’s team is making final tests before deployment of Eagle token, please wait for it so all pass factors are reached before release, this is a token for the whole Eagle Network project so all security measures must be passed. Please wait as we complete testing and audits.

Eagle  Token
Eagle Token

Eagle Network Exchange (DEX)

The DEX smart contracts are all done and the audit is passed, as soon as the EagleToken audit is out we publish the DEX as well. This DEX is part of the Eagle Network ecosystem and provides a solid use case for the project as a whole.

Without an ecosystem, the Eagle Network project will fail so we need your support for this DEX for valuation.

Every miner needs to support this DEX so our precious EagleToken will have a good valuation. This DEX will create and sustain the Eagle Network ecosystem. Please wait for it.

Eagle Network Wallet App

Eagle Network Wallet App launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the 4th of September, 2021.

This is the recommended wallet and its main purpose is to create and sustain the Eagle Network ecosystem.

Without an ecosystem, the Eagle Network project will fail so we need your support for Eagle Network’s progress.

Eagle Network wallet is ready and the first light version will be on Google and Apple store from today 04/09/21. Presently in review before publishing on stores worldwide. Eagle Network does not control how or when Apple and Google conclude reviews and country to county release of apps. Please wait for it.

More features and functionality will be added to the wallet as we proceed. The P2P trading option coming up soon which allows the wallet users to buy/sell crypto directly using fiat/cash is really exciting stuff.  This 04/09/21 wallet release is the first version, more to come.

Miners can use this wallet to redeem (withdraw) Eagle from the Miner app. After withdrawing of EagleToken into the wallet app you can do with it as you please:-

What To Do With Your EagleToken?

  • 1). Sell it for cheap now, and the price falls more and more.
  • 2). Hold for a long time. Price goes up.
  • 3). Buy cheaper from weak hands from the open market and hold longer. Support the project to grow and be a whale.
  • 4). Stake EagleToken in the wallet app for more rewards.
  • 5). Earn more as you use and participate in the wallet app.
  • 6). Use part of it as gifts to friends and family to invite to mine EagleToken. This way they see the benefits of mobile mining.
  • 7). Continue to mine more Eagle and redeem into your wallet app as mining does not stop.
  • 8). Invite more miners and play games to increase your Eagle which you can withdraw once a month into your wallet app.
  • 9). Support the Eagle Network project as the core team builds a lasting crypto and Blockchain project.
  • 10). Never stop talking both online and offline to promote the Eagle Network project any way you can.

Start Earning Eagle Coin:

It is very easy to start earning Eagle coins from Eagle Network. Simply download the Eagle Minning App from the Play Store and create an account and start mining eagle coins. To join the app, you are asked for a withness or referral code. You can use “sknepali”.

  • The more holders who participate on the DEX, Wallet app, and Miner app the more value for your Eagle.

We encourage all miners to have patience and wait for official posts.



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