Double Q is an earning app through which you can multiply your investment double in only 20 days has done scam.

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Everyone likes money, and money attracts money. If you want to earn more, you have to invest time and money.

You can earn money without investing capital, but it will take more time to give you a profit.

How is it if you can make double your money within 20 days after investing as minimum as Rs 500?

Let’s take an example: If you invest a minimum of Rs 500 on 1st January, you will earn Rs 500 within 20 days. That means You are earning Rs 25 Daily. This will continue for a year (31st December).


This means you will earn 25 * 365 = Rs 9125 after a year just by investing 500.

Now, Let’s Learn about the platform from where you can invest and make a profit.

Double Q App:

Double Q is an earning app in which you can earn money just by watching videos. But how?

Before I tell you the answer, Let me tell you that “Double Q is subject to market risk. Invest in it at your own risk. For any dispute, KOYANEWS is not responsible.”

Download Double Q App:

Click here to Download Double Q App.

Choose your Device Android or iPhone and download and install it.

Create an Account on Double Q:

After installing Double Q on your Device. Click on Register.

Register on Double Q Earning APP

Now Create an Account on Double Q by filling this form.

  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Click on “Get SMS” and Enter OTP
  • Enter Your Password
  • Reenter Password
  • Enter Invitation Code: WhKdhf
  • Click on Register

After Register, you will see this home screen.

Now, You have to add money to the Double Q app. Click on the Wallet Option to Add money.

Add Fund in Double Q App

As I have told early that you have to invest to earn. You can invest as minimum as Rs 500. After adding funds you need to purchase VIP to start earning by watching videos.

Following are the steps to add funds to the wallet:

  • Click on Top-Up
  • Click on SEQ
  • Choose Amount and click on Confirm
  • Click on Confirm
  • You will see a popup and click on sure
  • Choose the Payment option like G-Pay, Phone Pay, or Paytm.
  • Pay the amount and wait for 30 second utill payment confirmation message you see.

Following are the steps to add funds to the wallet:

It will take up to 10 minutes to show in your double Q account. So wait for 10 minutes. Now, you have to purchase a VIP pass.

Buy VIP in Double Q

Till now, you have added funds to your double Q account. Now to watch videos and start earning money, you have to buy VIP. This is a very important part of this app.

Follow these steps to purchase VIP Pass:

  • Click on Vip Tab
  • Choose your VIP and click on it.
  • Wallet balance is deducted after you purchase VIP.

Complete Task and Start Earning

  • Now click on Task.
  • Watch Video and for 15 to 20 seconds
  • click on next.
  • Repeat the above steps.
earn money from double Q
earn money from double Q

Withdraw Money From Double Q

You can withdraw money once a week. It will charge a 5% withdrawal fee. You need to add your bank account. You can add bank account by clicking on MINE. Add Bank Details like swift code, Bank name, Account Number.

Don’t Forget to use Invitation Code: WhKdhf



  1. I found this genuine. I also invested and I am earning and even I did a withdraw. Thanks to koyanews for sharing this article and helping.
    A video on this app will help a lot to all because its easy to understand the app through video.

  2. Double Q app member is not responding us properly her name is *Evelyn* she shared us this app link and now i withdraw the amount from double q app to my account. But amount not created in my account. And i added more then 20 members and they also added many members. All our members are not received the withdrawal amount in there account.

  3. मेरे एकाउंट से मैने पैसे निकालने के लिए उसको withdraw किये थे पैसे DoubleQ के एकाउंट में से कट गए 5 दिनों से app के wallet में वापस आये ना ही account में आये।
    इसका कोई उपाय हो तो कोई बताओ ??????
    वरना मेरे पैसे तो गए…

      • पूरा दिन खत्म होगया पर न तो पैसे वापस wallet में आये न ही बैंक account में।
        इस समस्या का सुझाव दो या फिर app के ग्राहक सेवा केंद्र का number हो तो वो दो ताकि में अपनी शिकायत दे सकु वहाँ पर

  4. I withdrawal on 31/08/2021 3156sqr but not created in my bank account or refunded in my double Q app also.
    Any company number is there that i can contact and solve the issue

  5. I try withdraw but password was wrong , i already changed password and try withdraw but it’s wrong , but in login i use that password than it’s logging, only in withdraw they ask password Wrong , what i do ?

  6. My current VIP 500 is automatically empty and this is so bad for me….and there show 2000 vip
    And taks is coming 0.0 revenue
    How i get my vip 500 SEQ
    Becouse is my money not come in my account…😢😢😢😢😢😢😞😖😖😖
    There is my vip is 0 and this app show me to take 2000 SEQ vip
    …but i not complete my 500 vip it is fraud to me….
    I lost my all money

  7. I hav done payment on 12 September of rs 5000/- and till now I hav not received my amount in my wallet and no better response from my group admin..
    Sir please help

  8. Hi everyone i belong to a middle class family i was introduced to this app in the beginning it was hard for me to belive and trust such a app then when i was told and also shown the money transferred to the wallet of the app and few days later i was again shown the transaction of the withdrawal and then is when i invested money in this app I joined the app on the 4th August i brought 10k VIP membership i wanted to recover my investment first so i waited for the first 20 days in the mean time i was asked to join a WhatsApp group for all the updates there the name admin of that WhatsApp group was ***. now before the 25 of August i got an update on the WhatsApp group stating that the withdrawals are on hold due to the admins were focusing of giving out bonuses for the ones who had newly joined the app and was informed to put a hold on my withdrawal hence i waited now by the first week of September i was again updated by the admin of the WhatsApp that all withdrawal are gonna happen after the app gets updated which will take place on the 17 of September after 3pm in the afternoon by 6pm there were msgs in the WhatsApp group stating that the app is a fraud after that i waited the whole day for the app to start which will never happen this is very bad i had borrowed money now im in dept next month i have to repay that money i hope and pray the culprits are caught and punished for this scam

  9. The person who was directly in touch with the real admins of this application was Sameer – 7666084050. We need to lodge a complaint against Sameer. He also used to harass people when he was part of the group.


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