Double Q Earning App Scam: Double Q app is not working from 17th September 3:00pm. No-one knows who is behind this massive scam.

Number of innocent people losing massive amounts of their hard earned money has not reveled yet. Till now, nobody knows what is the exact amount scam.

Let me tell you detail about Double Q earning app.

How Double Q works:

This is an referral based app in which one can join only when he uses invitation code or referral code. This app is not on Google Play Store or on App store. Only a person who is using this app can send a download link to invite another person.


I have also got invitation in WhatsApp from my friend. He has shown me his withdrawal proof. I have downloaded this app from referral link. Invested Rs. 5000 using Gpay. And, bought VIP of worth Rs. 5000.

My task is to watch 25 videos daily which pay my Rs. 250. So, I am earning Rs. 250 daily means 5000 in only 20 day. This VIP is valid for a year. Means, I am going to earn 250 daily for a yearn.

Withdraw can be done once a week. After a week, I applied for withdrawal and received 1250 with in 8 – 9 hrs.

This app also deduct 3 – 5 % tax on every withdrawal.

Till now this shows that, Double Q is not scam. It is a genuine app.

This app got popularity by gossip and greed of people. Everyone started to invite to get huge referral bonus (i.e. 1250 on each referral of Rs 5000). Even, people has started to created 3 – 4 account to get huge profit.

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How people got greedy and become victim:

As I told, this app works on referral system. As much you referral as much you get bonus. Everyone is receiving money in their bank account till 4th September. This app also announced that, Double Q is going to be listed on Play Store on 27th September. It has also announced to add 50+ Indian banks to handle huge transaction.

How Double Q Earning App Scam Done:

No-one knows about how this Double Q earning app scam done. I am going to share my point of view about this scam.

Last withdrawal was received 2 week ago. But, not every one received the withdrawal. Only 1 in 4 received withdrawal.

According to the app, ‘Due to huge transaction, bank is not able to handle this withdrawal. So the app is making automatic withdrawal system. This will be completed up to 17th September, Friday. The app will be in maintenance from 3 pm to 4 pm. After that all withdrawal will be done automatically and completed within 5 – 10 minutes.

Everyone found this genuine. No one have received any withdrawal form 2 weeks. Everyone is waiting for today’s withdrawal.

But this app is not opening from 4 pm. All the data has been lost. Everyone lost their money.

What to do now:

Please report to the nearby police station, cyber security and payment partners like Gpay, Paytm, Phone Pay and as like.

Some of us have already complained. Do as soon as possible.


Please do not trust on such type of app which tells they will multiply your investment in short time. If you find such app then please report to nearby police station, cyber security. Do not invest your earning. Spread this message with your friends.

Koyanews is not responsible for any fraud done by this app. I have share the information that I got till now.



    • It’s an app. An update and upgrade from the IT dept can take a day or days to check and re check.
      I am too from double q, i would say i wud rather keep a hope and not make decisions in a day if it’s not working. It may be still testing its flaws. I can agree that the disappearing team of admins is a shock.
      But, ppl enrolled and got tempted, even I have lost a big amount. Big fishes in the team earned like hell. I was told that even our group leader earned loads. They earned on every new member joined under whomsoever…..
      Antonette was our leader, she cud have verified every matter before leading us all to this level.
      She was our motherly figure who we believed in. In just two days, it went from join and enroll new members,
      To upgrade ppl and buy shares and invest and earn in bonuses, and now a warning that if anyone sends me personal message then I will put harrasment complaint?? Wow.

      I really don’t know who to blame or even make a decision on..
      I still have hope that our double q is launching and big time…. No matter what Antonette asks us to complain and go to cyber crime, I feel ppl got greedy and made loads of money and now they can’t wait for it to launch.

      No offense. It’s my view

  1. Yes, what you say is absolutely right, in regards to ***
    Does anyone take the trouble to work from morning till midnight. We are not fools to believe this story.
    The way she forced people to upgrade, till the very last hour, she said, ” just one hour left” people went on investing huge amounts. I really feel pity for them. Everyone cannot be greedy, the people who invested 10000 like ok, but the people who borrowed money and invested can be called greedy.
    Anyways this is my view, nothing personal.
    Hope everyone gets their hard earned money, specially those who didn’t earn anything.

    • I’m sorry Ms. ****, because I cannot solely blame you for whatever has happened, it was sheer greed that made everyone to invest, it was not you that forced anyone.
      I don’t know what role you played in all this, but after your posts, it was clear that, all the messages you forwarded were from Sahna.
      I apologize to *** for my previous post.

  2. I request others who have invested in other schemes, to please be careful before investing. These are short time earnings, after max four to six months they close. If you have earned be happy.

  3. Hey Sanjay, if you are good at Information Technology or you also have some sources for IT. I would like to share some details that I have researched on it. This will help for investigation. Please share your email ID I will share with you on mail.

  4. Hey Sanjay, I am posting comments but it’s not visible after sometime. I need to share some details for investigation purpose. Regarding the scam app. Please mail me on ([email protected]), I will share the details in response.


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