Dashain or Vijaya Dashami or Dashera or Dussehra is commonly known as Durga Pooja. Whatever we pronounced it, but the main motive to say so is to recall Durga maa or Durga Mata. We celebrate this because of the remembrance of the victory of good over evil. In Sanskrit, ‘dash’ means ten. Hence, this is the festival which is to be celebrating ten days.

Hi friends! Welcome to koyanews. In this article, we are going to read about one of the most important and the biggest festivals of the Hindu religion. We are going to read about the navratri festival, the origin of Dashain, the history of it, its importance, and Dashera (10th days).

History of Dashain:

In this part, we are going to read about the history of the Dashain festival. According to Hindu Mythology, there are two-story behind the celebration of Navaratri. Firstly, a victory of maa Durga over Mahisasur, and secondly, victory of God Ram over Ravan. Let us read about both stories in detail and know-how these became the cause of the origin of the festival.

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1. Victory of Durga over Mahisasur:

Happy Dashain wishes 2021
Happy Dashain wishes 2021

Mahisasur is a Sanskrit word made from two Sanskrit words called Mahisha and Asura. Mahisha meaning buffalo and Asura meaning demon. Mahisasur means buffalo demon. Mahisasur had gained the boon that no man could kill him. He waged war against Indra (king of heaven). As he had got boon that no man could kill him, so he came to win the war and captured heaven.

All the gods, along with king Indra, escape from heaven and hide in the mountain. They called goddess Durga to kill the demon Mahisasur. Durga led a battle against Mahisasur by riding on a lion. After a long battle of ten days, the goddess Durga killed Mahisasur. Hence, she is also known as Mahishasuramardini. Mahishasuramardini means the victory of Durga over Mahisasur.

The battle between gods and evil fought for ten days. So we celebrate the Dashain festival for ten days. Thus, this is the first story behind it.

2. Victory of Ram over Ravana:

This story is a part of the Ramayana. Ravana is a great ruler, according to Sri Lankan mythology. Ravana had endued with a boon from Brahma, which might make him invincible to the creation of Brahma. He had abducted Sita, wife of Lord Ram, and took her with him to Lanka.

Lord Ram reached Lanka in the searching of his wife Sita. The war was continued, for ten days and finally, Ram killed Ravana on the tenth day. Thus, the last day of Dashain is also known as Dashera.

Hence, these are the two stories that give an idea about the origin and history of Dashain.

Importance of Dashain:

Celebration of Dashain festival
Celebration of Dashain festival

Friends, In this part we are going to read on the importance of Dashain. It is the most important festival in the Hindu religion. Also, it is the biggest and very popularly celebrated festival among Hindus.

There is a huge importance of Dashain between Nepalese and Indian. As we know most of the festivals of India and Nepal are the same. The difference is only in the way of celebrating the festival. Nepalese says this festival as Dashain and Indian says it Navratri.

Someone says it Dashain, some say it Navratri, some says Dashera, Durga Pooja, BadaDashain, or Dashami, but the feeling to say so is the same for all. I, We and You celebrate Navratri only because to worship maa Durga. There is also a huge religious importance to celebrate Navratri.

Celebration of Dashain:

Dussehra is the biggest festival because it is celebrating for ten days. The first nine days of Dashain or Dussehra is called Navratri because nine different form of Durga is worshiped every night. And, the last day is called Dussehra.

Devotees make offerings to Goddess Durga. They also offer kheer, puri, fruits, sweets, and khasi to the Goddess as a prasad. Some people spend their time in the temples. They go to the temple in the morning, evening, and at night.

During the time of Dashain, People play Bhakti songs in loud sounds. They decorate the temples. You can also see fair. You can see swing. People wear new clothes and go to fair and enjoy there. These all activities bring joy and joy.

So, friends, we have read and understand about Dashain. We have read about what does it means, how it is started, and its importance. We have also known about the victory of good over evil, victory of Ram over Ravana, and victory of Durga over Mahisasur. And we have also read how Dussehra celebrated.

Till now, thanks for reading. In the next article, we are going to read about nine days of Navratri in detail.

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