Dani Data App Scam – Recently, Dani Data App did a scam on 3rd June 2022. The app is not working since the 3rd of June. Thousands of people have lost their crores.

It is expected that the app did a scam crores all over India. This scam is seen mostly in the Madhepura of Bihar and Gujrat state. The app did scams of almost 4 – 5 crores only from the Madhepura of Bihar.

About Dani Data App Scam:

Dani Data is a gambling game where people invest their money to receive a high interest. Watch this video to know what the police of Bihar are saying about it.

Src: Ranjeet Digital

Dani Data App File Complainant Report:

We have found this complaint table on the consumer-complaints court website.

image 5

We suggest you file a complaint in the cybercrime cell of India. Recently Double Q app did a scam of crores in Gujrat, Punjab and another state of India.

image 6


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