The number of species like chimpanzees is declining, now 50% less than three generations ago.

A UN-sponsored conference on wildlife in the Philippines has voted in favor of additional protection for 33 endangered species.

Animals in need of additional protection include chimpanzees, leopards and giraffes.

Whale sharks, one of the largest fish in the world, are also on the list.


It has also been demanded to conserve the migratory species that move from one country to another according to the weather.

What are our Liability to conserve Chimpanzees

Bradney Chambers, executive secretary of the organizing group, said: “The future of the nomadic species is linked to our future and it is our responsibility to protect it.”

The government representatives expressed their commitment to help reduce the negative impact of sea pollution on noise pollution and climate pollution.

The program was supported by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Tourists can swim with whale sharks in the Philippines

White Giraffe – Efforts to save the world’s only white giraffe in 2020

More than 1,000 delegates from 129 countries attended the event.

The Chinese delegation was not present at the event, but according to the organizers, China is also making some progress by banning the ivory trade and banning the practice of eating shark wings.

Ten species of vultures, including some mammals in Africa, also need special protection.

Gobi bear

Giraffes are also declining in the world.

A total of 90,000 giraffes are said to be left.

Gobi bears found in the Gobi Desert, which is not so popular in Mongolia and China, should also be protected.

According to the organizers, there are only 45 such bears left in the natural habitat.

Read more about Gobi bear on Wikipedia.




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