When the people of the world discuss the most difficult sadhana, the name of Chhath Puja comes first in it. As soon as the name of the Chhath festival is mentioned, it is difficult to describe in words the happiness that is manifested in all the Bhojpuri speaking society in Rome.

The identity of Chhath Bihari Asmita is initially limited to Bihar as a regional festival of Bihar but gradually its form is expanding, and Jharkhand, Purvanchal as well as many countries of the world like Fiji, Suriname and Trinidad In Tobago it is celebrated with great faith.

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If you define Chhath in one word, then this nature is a unique confluence of love and folk faith that lasts for 4 days. In which fasting people perform 36 hours of waterless worship with full faith.

There are many folk tales about the beginning of Chhath Puja in which it is said that after the conquest of Lanka, when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with Mother Sita, he worshiped Lord Bhaskar on Kartik Shukla Shashthi for the prosperity of his kingdom. Was asked.

It is also said about Karna, the greatest warrior of the Mahabharata period, that he used to immerse himself in water up to his shoulder every day and dedicate Arghya to Lord Surya.

After losing their kingdom in gambling – when the Pandavas were compelled to roam in the forests, Mata Kunti and Draupadi also worshiped the sun and sought blessings for victory over the Korvas.

Another very famous legend of Chhath is that when Raja Priyavad’s son Ji died, the mother of hard sadhana to celebrate Mata Shashthi was pleased with his penance and revived his son. Even today, there is a belief that if a childless couple observes the fast of Mata Shashthi with full faith, then they must have children.

Chhath is a festival by which strict sadhana is performed to celebrate the entire family of Lord Bhaskar. People who fast for Lord Surya and his sister Shashthi ask for blessings of happiness, prosperity and procreation and also pray to Lord Bhaskar’s son Yamraj to save them from untimely death.

Chhath festival comes twice a year, the first in Chaitra and the second in Kartik. People who celebrate Chhath look forward to it all year round. People who have gone out of the house for livelihood also return home, especially during Chhath. Puts four moons in the happiness of.

In Chhath, cleanliness is of utmost importance, which is why special cleaning of houses and Chhath ghats is already started throughout the month. There is tremendous enthusiasm for cleanliness and decoration. All these people also do the work of painting Sirsobita made of brick or clay on the ghats.

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As soon as Govardhan Pooja is over, the work of collecting offerings for Chhath puja is started which does not require special effort as all the offerings used in Chhath are easily available around them.

Those who have difficulty in collecting prasad go to the market and buy prasad at a very low cost as the entire market is decorated with prasad used in Chhath at the time of Chhath puja.

These days there is a lot of activity in the market. The offerings of Chhath mainly consist of turmeric, ginger, radish, banana, coconut, nimua, suthani, inkh bodo, and in addition some special dishes like tekua and puri which are prepared by the devotees by virtue of their cleanliness. Is given special attention.

This great festival which lasts for four days starts with Nahay-Khay in which the devotees bathe on a nearby ghat and then prepare rice, gram dal, and gourd (pumpkin) vegetable on a clay stove. Of food preparation. Only after remembering do they accept it first and only then other members of the family accept it.

The next day is the day of Kharna or Chhotki Chhath in which the fast is started after bathing in which the fasting person fasts all day without food and water and then at night a special dish made of jaggery and rice is offered to Rasiya and Roti. They take shape and sleep on the soil all night.

The third day is the day of filling Arghya and Kosi in which the devotees fast for 24 hours without water and prepare thekua puri as an offering for Chhati Maiya throughout the day, as well as all the items of worship Wash and decorate a basket (in a pot).

In the evening, the whole family goes to a nearby ghat together. In the family members, there is a competition to keep the basket on the head. Seeing the whole family together, the tide of emotions overflows in the mind.

Arriving at the ghat, the devotees carry a sipuli (a vessel made of bamboo) in their hands and mourn the setting sun, which is a unique sight in Hinduism. Because we know that the setting sun is not worshiped in Hinduism, in this case, the Chhath festival demonstrates religious uniformity in India.

When the whole world is illuminated by the first ray of the sun, the people here also rejoice to see the redness of the sun and with full faith dedicate Arghya to Lord Bhaskar and wish happiness and prosperity to their husbands and sons and longevity. Thus, this great festival of Lok Aastha Chhath, which has been going on for four days, is coming to an end. Is seen on.

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Traditional songs have their own significance in Chhath puja. As we get closer to Chhath, Chhath songs start to be heard all around. Reminds us that whenever we hear songs sung by Sharda Sinha, Manoj Tiwari, and Kalpana on Chhath Ghat, they create a different form of devotion in the mind.

Without the songs sung by Sharda Sinha, the color of Chhath seems to fade. The song Kerwa J. Farella Ghavad sung by Anuradha Paudwal has become the identity of Chhath, this song of Chhath tells a very poignant story which when you hear it seems new, I don’t know, it is sung with folk songs. And I don’t know if you and I will stay but I believe that this folklore will never end.



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