Cheatmoon Network is a new Cryptocurrency which allows you to mine Cheatmoon Coin for free now. Use “sknepali” as a referral code to gain 10 CTM for free.

Cheatmoon Network is a new DeFi network founded on the belief that it is your right to control and protect your money, digital footprint and identity. This is similar to Timestope and Eagle Mining Network.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything about Cheatmoon Network which include signup, login, earning method, mining way, its current price, price prediction, and so on.

What is Cheatmoon Network?

Cheat Moon is a new generation Blockchain platform using the Che-IT consensus algorithm with the ability to rival centralized authorities.

Use sknepali as an invitation code to join the cheat moon network.

Cheat Moon Network is an initiative built by industry specialists within the financial and blockchain fields. The Cheatmoon Network team has set to tackle some of the major issues in today’s digital asset solutions which include the outrageous transaction fees to the annoyingly slow processing times.

Cheatmoon is a new DeFi network founded on Nov 16, 2021, on the belief that “it is your basic right to control and protect your money, digital footprint and identity”.

What is Cheatmoon Network

Cheatmoon Network Invitation Code

The invitation code for Cheatmoon is sknepali. Like other PI Network, Timestope, Bee Network and Eagle Mining Network you need an invitation code to join this platform. You can use “sknepali” as a witness for the app.

How to start earning Cheatmoon

Download the Time Stope app by clicking on this link. Or, you can go to the play store and search “Cheatmoon” to download.
Click on Create new account button.
Enter your email, and password twice.
Write sknepali in the invitation code field so that you gain 10 CTM.
Feel all other fields.
Keep going, your earnings start when the numbers start running.
For more information, read the whitepaper and FAQ.

How much do you earn per day?

The current mining rate is 10 CTM/hr. This means you can earn 10 * 24 = 240 CTM daily. You just start your mining session daily. CTM is the abbreviation for Cheatmoon.

You can also increase your mining rate by clicking on the Open Gift button just above the rocket you see on the home page of the app. You have to watch an ad to receive some gift which may include mining rate, CTM coin and so on.

You can also increase your mining rate by inviting people to the app. You will get 1 CTM/hr for each referral you made.

Cheatmoon Network Price Prediction

The current price of 1 Cheatmoon is 0.00 $ (Rs 0 in INR). Cheat moon is not listed in any exchange like Binance. Cheatmoon is planning to launch market place exchange, DeFi Borrowing and Lending this year. It seems to be a great project.

Cheatmoon Whitepaper

Cheatmoon is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning that it is secure digital cash operated by our community network of users, built for efficiency and fair distribution.

You can read more about it on the Cheatmoon whitepaper:


Cheatmoon Network Launch Date

Cheatmoon was launched on Nov 16, 2021.

Is Cheatmoon Network legit?

It seems to be a legit blockchain – cryptocurrency project. It has a huge success potential. It has an active social media account. The app is available on Google Playstore and App store. It has a whitepaper which is very essential for any new project.

Cheatmoon Review

Amazing app and easy to use. The rate mining is awesome and high at the moment so you better take advantage until it gets lower. The mining process is easy and simple. A promising project and I will take full advantage of it. You have the possibility to become a board member by doing some easy tasks to get there. I am active all the time. Every 20 minutes you have a gift, but you need to watch an ad. You receive free coins or even a higher rate per hour. Use sknepali as a referral code


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