The Chaudhary Group, a leading business house in the country, has recently started an internet business. CG Net is offering 120 Mbps internet at Rs 999 per month, which is very cheap.

The discussion of CG Net is also seen on social media. Nirvana Chaudhary is a Managing Director of Chaudhary Group.

Internet in Nepal

Information technology fees are expensive in Nepal. In terms of data, voice calls and SMS charges are the most expensive in South Asia. We are still lagging in internet access. Even now, access to data has not reached 70 percent, while access to ISP has not even reached 50 percent.

We stayed at home after being lockdown by Covid. And, the demand for data seems to have increased. Internet service is the backbone of telecom.

Why CG Net is cheap

I have a simple answer for why CG net is cheap, that is, ‘CG Net is not given cheap net, you are already paying expensive fees.’

The purpose of CG Net is to provide quality service at affordable rates. Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director of Chaudhary Group, said that “We are committed to this. We live up to our commitment to our customers. We provide high-speed internet service at cheap rates, and we will complete it. We are now expanding the network in the streets of Kathmandu. Our goal is to expand internet service not only in Kathmandu Valley but also in major places of the country within a year.”

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We have come to serve customers in the long run. We are here to ‘lead’ rather than compete. Today, CG Net has come up with new technology. Older technology costs more.

Currently, CG internet service is available only in a limited area of ​​Lalitpur.

How CG Net plans to expand the service?

CG Net started from Lalitpur. Their first plan is to expand the service to Kathmandu within 3 to 4 months and then to other parts of the country. They are now moving forward to expand CG Internet services across the country by next year.

How can CG Net survive on the cheap package?

Nirvana Chaudhary said that “We have come to serve customers in the long run. We are here to lead rather than compete. ISP companies operating now are using the old technology. In India, companies like Vodafone and Airtel were uncomfortable after the arrival of Jio. Telecom service providers merged. Jio was not only a new company, but it also brought new technology.”

Today, CG Net has come up with new technology. Older technology costs more. Companies cannot operate without a business model.

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Nirvana Chaudhary said that “Our aim is not to give cheap and then increase the rate later. Instead, we will focus on how to reduce the current fees. Today you have bought hundreds of apples. If I have bought thousands, you and I will not have the same rate. Other ISP service providers maybe 10 times or 20 times larger than CG Net. But now their rates are 50 percent more expensive than ours. As the number of customers increases, we will give the benefit to the customers.”

What technology does CG Net use?

CG Net is currently using 5G technology. It provides high-speed internet service. This core network is different from others. Five years ago, a pen drive or hard drive was needed to serve any device. Now technology has made it unnecessary, Which can be easily done from the cloud Network. It has become easier due to the development of technology. Old ways are changing.

How can CG Net attract customers with a single package?

CG Net Bring IPTV Plan

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol. CG Net is bringing a combo package including internet and television.

Today, other service providers offer 30 Mbps internet service from Rs 1200 to Rs 1500.

Does CG Net provide cheap and quality service?

There is also a belief that cheap things are not of quality. What is the basis for CG Net to provide cheap and quality service to the customer?

One can know the basis only by looking at other businesses run by Chaudhary Group. Nirvana said that “We have not compromised on quality in any of our products. And, we don’t even do it on CG Net. Reliability is the biggest basis of CG today. We have a data center from which we monitor. We are committed to serving customers at all times.”

The other main issue is that CG gave cheaply. But They have not provided cheap internet service. At present, the fees that customers are paying to other companies are expensive. CG Net has not sold the package at a loss. This is not their non-profit company. They have brought this package by adding the total cost and keeping the profit. They have given cheaper than others but not at a loss.

CG Group plan to provide free Voice call and SMS

CG Group has come to the internet business to increase its access. Chaudhari Group gets a telecom license tomorrow they will increase access to data. The chairman of CG group has said, “If CG group gets the Telecom license, we will not charge for voice and SMS and will reduce data charges by 50 percent”.

Why is Nepal not digital Yet?

Even now, not everyone in Nepal has internet and data connectivity. Data charges are very expensive. In India, 75 percent of people use mobile data because data is cheap there. As a result, new digital ideas have been developed in rural India. Due to which ISP has succeeded in making a great contribution to the Indian economy.

The reason why this is not possible in our country is that data charges are expensive. Until we can bring affordable data packs into the hands of everyone, the Digital Nepal campaign will never be complete.

Contact CG Net

The contact detail of CG Net is

Address: Business Centre, Trade Tower, Kathmandu 44600

Phone: 988-0588888



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