CDR Manor Earning App allows users to earn money by investing in it. CDR Manor claims to pay a profit of 10 – 40 % when you purchase a VIP plan. Before investing know is it a scam or not.

Recently, a lot of apps are launching in the market that claims to make you rich, but all of them are frauds. Many people have lost huge money on those apps.

CDR Manor Earning app may be one of them. These types of apps show you the dream to become a millionaire but at last, it makes you a beggar.

In this review article, I will tell you everything that makes you clear about this app.

What is CDR Manor Earning App?

It is a new earning app which is similar to BSA Fund, Hulu61, Cattle farm and more. These all apps can do scams. The working functionality of CDR Manor is the same as others where at first you have to deposit money and then have to complete some tasks. And, then you have to wait for your withdrawal.

Is CDR Manor Earning App Legit or Fraud?

Yes CDR Manor earning app is a scam. Do not invest and lose your valuable money. This app looks similar to all other apps which are fake apps.

I am just informing you about this app. Think twice before you invest. Also, I am not misleading the customer of CDR Manor Fund. It is my point of view.

We recommended our viewers earn money from a legit site or app. IND money is one of the legit apps. You can earn Rs 500 signup bonus when you create a new account. You just need to use these codes at the time of signup to receive the bonus.

You can earn money by investing in US Stock. You will get a free uS stock worth Rs 500 as a signup bonus by investing in IND Money.

You can earn money by investing in US Stock. You will get a free uS stock of Tesla, Amazon, Google or Apple worth Rs 250 to Rs 1000 when you deposit a minimum amount of Rs 500 to Rs 5000 to Your US Stock from the app itself. You will also get a Free US Demate and Treading account. You can withdraw this amount anytime you wish.

Use these Codes at registration to earn Free US Stock. Know more about the Indmoney app.

ESM4SS7UAMZ -> Amazon Stock

ZQV4SS7UTSL -> Tesla Stock

MOK4SS7UAPL -> Apple Stock

Note: To claim US Stock of Tesla, Amazon or Apple you must have to add funds.

CDR Manor Signup

The signup process is the same as other platforms. Follow these steps to sign up.

Click on the link below.
Enter your mobile number and click on the Send button to receive OTP.
Enter Verification Code received on your phone.
Enter your email and password.
Accept terms and conditions.
Click on Signup.

Add your fund at your own risk. Koyanews is not responsible for any loss or profit you make. We are not recommending you to invest, and if you want then, we suggest investing only Rs 300 at your own risk.

How to earn more from Manor App?

You can earn money from it by investing as low as Rs 300. Besides this, you can also make a commission by referring others.

CDR Manor Withdrawal

According to the users of CDR Manor, you will get a withdrawal within a week or more. It does not matter how much you have invested, according to a new update from the app, you will receive your withdrawal only when you do a minimum deposit of Rs 4000 more.

Let’s suppose, you have invested Rs 1000. To make a withdrawal you have to add Rs 4000 or more. And, also there is no guarantee that you will receive your withdrawal.

So this is a complete scam app. We recommended you not invest in it. You can invest IND money which is 100% genuine.

Src: TECH with Prateek Youtube Channel

WP Fund Withdrawal Proof:

Currently, we don’t have any withdrawal proof. But, You may get withdrawal shortly from it.

You can learn more about the scam apps on our website. Go to the home page to see more.


This article is only for information purposes. Think before you invest. Do not fall into the Fraud App.

This CDR Manor Earning App may be Fraud. All the information mentioned above is my opinion. I, “Koyanews”, is not responsible for any fraud or misleading the customer of the app.


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