Welcome friends to Koya news. In this article, we are going to learn about the biography of the great Nepali poet, Madhav prasad ghimire. In this article, we are going to discuss about his poetic journey, his thinking, poems, and masterpiece.

Poetic thinking

He attributed his longevity to nature and goodwill. “Even in a city like Kathmandu, I live in such an open space, among flowers and birds,” he said. He said that he did not have time to think about poetry and poetry.

Many of Ghimire’s poems, written in lyrical language, seem to be close to folklore. But he was also proficient in classical verse

Poetic journey of Madhav Prasad Ghimire

Ghimire grew up listening to folk songs in the village and was impressed by the simple but profound style, he said. “The mountains didn’t have the literary atmosphere, the poets’ conferences, the libraries, etc., like here,” he said.

“But there was a song. Singing a short line and touching the heart is sung in folk songs. It has an unknown effect on me,” he recalls of his poetic journey.

When he came to Kathmandu to study, he finally realized that he could write poetry himself. “After reading the works of Kavishiromani Lekhnath Poudyal, I came to know that poetry is not written by people. Before that, I thought that something miraculous coming from the house of a deity would be natural,” he confessed.

What was the source of his poetry? In his own words: muttering in solitude, forgetting himself. Let tears flow from your own eyes while writing. Then it’s fun. He allowed one to be published in writing, and the other to give a serious meaning rather than saying it was good. Even if it looks normal when others look at it. “

Madhav Prasad Ghimire poems

The mourning poem ‘Gauri’ written by him on the bereavement of his first wife is Ghimire’s most popular work.

About his wife’s grief and the work, he said, “She is 20-22 years old. I am 27-28 years old. She has two newborn daughters and she has been living in a tent. She has been sick for 18 days at night. As she is leaving, the world seems to be drowning.” Unexpected. That was an unforgettable moment. “

But that moment not only overwhelmed him, it also taught him the greatest lesson of life. “After his death, I felt that there was nothing more precious than life. It was the light. It was the color, it was the open sky.

The title of national poet

Looking back on life, Ghimire loved to remember such precious moments. “Many people have suffered because of being a poet. They have also gained a lot. But the day the title of national poet was announced made them happy.”

“Trying something in life achieved something,” he said.
Ghimire was awarded the title of National Poet at the age of 85. “People who used to have fun eating milk and rice in the mountains, ran away to study with seven seals. You say that homelessness, home sickness. That is happening. But I can’t stop studying again. I finished second one year in class next year.” I would be first, “he recalled his student life.

“If he had lived there, he would have lived a monotonous life. When he came here, the poets knew the world, they knew politics and civil rights. The world was happy.”

It was time for Ghimire not only to know the world, but also for the world to know Ghimire. He wrote not only ‘Gauri’ and ‘Ashwatthama’, but also ‘Malati Mangale’ and ‘Shakuntala’. Assuming the responsibility of the patriarchal post of Pragya Pratishthan, he was awarded many prizes such as Common Award and Tribhuvan Award.

After becoming the national poet, he became the first poet to be honored with public congratulations after Kavishiromani Lekhnath Poudyal.

‘Love is an achievement’

Madhav ghimire and his wife
Madhav ghimire and his wife

However, he has considered love to be the main achievement of his life, not all of them.

“It’s the happiest time to get married and get a wife. Because, a new man has come of his own accord. He has a life to live again. Isn’t it amazing?” He used to ask questions.

“What kind of love is that, natural, natural. It is thrilling to look at, it is thrilling. His speech is sweet. He looks at it. It is all that he has rained on. It is the same. Dedicated, believing, two souls being one, there is nothing greater than that. “

Ghimire was enjoying the world of goodwill, creation and love, who passed away after living for more than a century.

When did Madhav Prasad Ghimire die

National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire passed away at the age of 101 years. He died today evening. According to the sources, he had respiratory problem.

Ghimire’s son-in-law Pvt. Dr. Hemang Raj Adhikari confirmed the death of national poet Ghimire at his residence in Lanchaur around 5:30 pm on Tuesday.

Ghimire had been seriously ill for two years and had respiratory problems.
He also suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Ghimire has made significant contributions to Nepali classical literature.
Ghimire was born in 1976 in Lamjung. He was also the patriarch of the then Nepal State Academy.

In his own words:

No matter how much you understand this life, it remains to be understood
No matter how much you understand something new, it remains to be understood.

Conclusion: In this article we have learnt about Madhav Ghimire Biography, his poetic thinking, his poems, his journey and his death. So friends, how you like biography of madhav ghimire. Comment bellow your feeling in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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