The body needs vitamins to ensure consumption One of them is vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 can be gotten from a variety of the most nutritious foods we consume each day. Below are the benefits and foods that are the most effective to be sources of vitamin B3 to the body.

Here are some of the best food items that are healthy and easy to locate sources of Vitamin B3


The mushrooms are a great food source for vitamin B3. A minimum of 100 grams has 3.6 mg of vitamin B3 (niacin). But, not all mushrooms are safe to consume as certain types of mushrooms are poisonous and dangerous when consumed.

Tuna fish

The sea fish is a good source of 18.7 mg of vitamin B3 from three pounds of tuna. This amount can be felt when cooking tuna with the grill or by grilling. The typical amount of nutritional requirements in the vitamin B3 form is 14-16 mg. This way, the body will automatically satisfy the requirements of vitamin B3 if you consume just 3 ounces of tuna.


The plant that comes from America has also been identified as a great source of vitamin B3. The nutritional value of niacin in a cup of asparagus is 1.31 milligrams, a figure that is not quite the norm (14-16 mg). But, there’s no reason to be concerned if you boost your intake of asparagus each day.


The seeds and nuts

Vitamin B3 is also present in many varieties of seeds and nuts, like almonds, peanuts mustard seeds, many more. In peanuts, each 1 ounce is packed with 3.8 mg of vitamin B3. In comparison, almonds, in 3 ounces, only save 0.95 milligrams. When it comes to mustard seeds you get around 0.9 milligrams of vitamin B3 per tablespoon.


Milk is a great supply of Vitamin B3, which can be ideal and beneficial for the body. The calcium content can help the body strengthen its bones and keep them from becoming osteoporosis and porous bones. It is a good idea to make it a routine every day to drink a glass of milk.


Salmon itself contains vitamin B3 quantity of 7.56 milligrams for every 4 inches. For the dose of 3 ounces that it is, it contains 6 mg of Vitamin B3. How do you meet 37% of your daily vitamin B3 requirements? The same is true for tuna and salmon however, not all water sources are readily available. Therefore, there aren’t all fish markets that offer salmon. Salmon can be found in modern grocery stores in your area. It is also available in cans or sardines.

Breast of chicken

The chicken in Indonesia is classified into chicken, free-range, and turkey. The majority of chickens are available on the market, including chicken. Chicken breasts with skin and baked, 150 grams of meat contain 33 mg from vitamin B3.


Beef is loaded with vitamin B3. A 4oz serving of meat, has 9.25 milligrams. This is why eating beef can provide your vitamin B3 requirements although it’s not immediately fulfilled. The content of vitamin B3 is not as large. But, it’s appropriate to consume if are able to afford it, and beef is more delicious than chicken.


Eggs also have vitamin B3. The egg is divided into two parts: eggs yolks and whites. Egg yolks are rich in vitamin B3 0.004 milligrams and egg whites have 0.035 vitamin B3 and the same amount as one egg. Vilitra and Cenforce 200 are both extremely beneficial to men’s overall health. Eggs are also healthy for your heart.


The Mango mango fruit is cultivated in Indonesia. Due to its form or type and the taste. Medium-sized mangoes are sized so that one mango is a source of 1.5 mg of vitamin B3. The mango also has vitamins E as well as vitamin A, vitamin C in addition to beta carotene. Consuming mangoes will help you meet all of your vitamin B3 requirements naturally.

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Benefits of Vitamin B3 Best Foods

Lowers Cholesterol

B3 may lower cholesterol levels in the blood by taking B3 regularly. The goal of B3 is to eliminate bad cholesterol and may increase good cholesterol since good cholesterol is beneficial to the body. According to studies 1,100 grams of Vitamin B consumed regularly, is beneficial in removing bad cholesterol and recovering good cholesterol. In addition, vitamin B3 helps to prevent plaque from forming in the walls of arteries.

Treat bodyguards as a treat

This weakness or weakness in the muscle can be overcome easily with vitamin B3. This kind of issue is often due to a severe deficit of vitamin B3. This is why it needs lots of vitamin B3 in order to replenish the condition, and not happen in the future. Additionally, someone with pellagra suffers requires vitamin B3 supplements to boost the immune system and is a great choice to eat a healthy diet.

Treat pain

In addition to helping to reduce swelling and inflammation, it is also able to alleviate the pain felt by all. In addition, this medication aids in stabilizing the body’s metabolism.

Beauty Care

Today, many cosmetics and other beauty products contain vitamin B3 within their items. If you’re looking for pure and pure B3, then you should consume the most nutritious foods that are rich in B3. Of course, to look beautiful it’s not just vitamin B3, but also requires additional vitamins, such as Vitamin A and vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Treat The Heart

In addition to being effective in combating diabetes and preventing it in the process, vitamin B3 is extremely effective in maintaining the health of your heart, particularly for people with weak hearts. Vitamin B3 supplementation regularly will help heal and improve mental well-being.

Produce Hormones

The production of hormones within our bodies is also stimulated by vitamins. One of these is vitamins B3 and vitamin B3. The adrenal glands in the body are able which produce hormones, and also stress. Vilitra 40 and Fildena 100 to help improve the ED.

In fact, vitamin B3 is what triggers the adrenal glands to make more hormones. Of course, it’s closely connected to fertility in both female and male devices. Therefore, vitamin B3 is taken more frequently by women who are contemplating pregnancy.

Prevent Cataracts

Vitamin B3 also offers almost the same advantages that vitamin A has. It may help treat cataracts. While vitamin B3 is only used to aid the healing process for wounds that are caused by cataracts within the eye.

Cure Diarrhea

Apart from its beauty benefits, vitamin B3 can be effective in treating diarrhea. Because it acts directly to improve the metabolism of the body and is particularly effective in curing illnesses.

Helps Increase Appetite

The appetite you have when you’re sick tends to decrease. Many sufferers are not hungry to eat when they’re sick. So, some doctors recommend eating B3 to help increase the appetite and stamina can be restored.



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