ASJ Forex Global App – In today’s article, we will look at a new earning app called ASJ Forex Global. We will check whether it is real or fake.

We will walk you through the site, What is the ASJ Forex Global Site? Is ASJ Forex Global Legitimate or Fake? Is the site safe to use or not? How does this work? And so on.

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What is ASJ Forex Global?

ASJ Forex Global is a new earning and trading app. is the official website of ASJ Forex Global. It claims to be a broker based in Hong Kong. It also claims that it is licensed by FinCEN.

FinCEN is a US authority that aims to prevent and punish financial and money laundering crimes in the US. The ASJ Global website is available in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Anyway, this is a fraud app.

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Is ASJ Forex Global Legitimate or Fake?

No, this is not a legitimate or genuine platform to invest in. It is a scam. We have several reasons available which prove that this is a scam.

  • Unregulated Broker: It is not regulated by any authentic firm or broker.
  • It is also not licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).
  • It does not hold a valid FinCEN license.
  • The website and app are poorly designed.
  • There is a problem with the trading accounts.
  • Lack of information about the founder of the website.
  • Insufficient information about payment methods.
  • There are lots of bad reviews to be found online.
  • There are no official contact details available about the company.
  • The website is poorly translated into English.
  • It does not pay its users.

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After reviewing so many websites, our team found how they work.

How does the ASJ Forex Global Scam work?

It all starts with an ad you see on the Internet that promise you to be rich. You click on that ads and redirect to their website. The website looks decent enough. You think that all the promises made on their website must be true.

Initially, you search on the internet about it and found that it gives payment. Yes, It pays only 1% of people. And that 1% of people promote their website for free or to get a referral bonus.

Such scammers often manage to convince you that they are legitimate. They lie and provide fake documents and show you some fake success stories. They also grab your attention with amazing offers. So you decide to try it. You provide your phone number and email during the account creation process.

After that, you’ll receive dozens of calls and emails to make a deposit. Once you deposit, they will show you more opportunities to make money and ask you to deposit some more. However, this is all a lie and tries to distract your attention.

After a few days, you will see some profit in your account. When you try to withdraw your profits, they will refuse to pay and tell you various reasons behind it such as additional taxes, minimum withdrawal limits, and the already mentioned clauses in the terms and conditions.

At some point, you find that something is amiss and that’s when the scammers disappear with your money.

What to do in case of a scam?

Change the banking details you have provided to scammers. Remove all software they asked you to install.
Complain to the police or visit the nearest cyber security cell.
Do not trust any recovery agents who promise you to retrieve your money for free – this is also a type of scam.

However, if you used Visa or MasterCard to make a deposit, there’s a good chance of getting a chargeback – both card providers allow chargebacks within 540 days of the transaction. Reversing wire transfers and payments made through e-wallets is difficult but not impossible – contact your bank or payment solution provider to ask for assistance.

Don’t hesitate to go to the police or inform the authorities. Share your story with as many people as possible so that they come to know about such scams.


ASJ Forex Global is completely a fake website. We have advised you to invest in a legit site like INDMoney.


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  3. Not enough evidence to prove that ASJ is a scam.

    First of all you cannot enter MetaTrader5 if you are not a legit trader.

    Too many members are getting paid without other people knowing that they are actually getting paid. Who knows. You are not a member of this flatform.

    Lastly, you encourage your reader to join and try indmoney app instead which is by the way has a lot of bugs.


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