Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the ADS Exchange App. We will discuss the ADS exchange plan, proof of payment, new updates and finally tell whether it is a real or fake app. Does this company give you long-term earnings?

About Ads Exchange App:

The official website address of the Ad Exchange App is https://adsexchange.in. According to the company’s business presentation, the company is running as an IT company since 2015. They develop an android app and an e-commerce website for their customers. They claim that they have worked with many reputed companies. Now, they are running as an Ads Exchange app.

The website is registered on 2021-10-29 and expires on 2022-10-29. The company’s address is not mentioned on its website. We do not know where the Ads Exchange app company is located. You cannot see the company’s legal documents anywhere on the website. So, I can say that the company does not stand anywhere legally.

Ads Exchange App Registration & its Plan:

The registration or signup is free. You can create an account in the Ads Exchange is free. Before using this app, you have to buy a plan worth Rs 1000. Yes, You have to invest Rs 1000 to take a lifetime membership in it.

Company’s business plan:

The biggest advertisement of the company is about its ad exchange. They claim to be working with the world’s biggest brands such as Nike, Peter England, Durex, VanHeusen and Virgin. This means that they have collaborated with these brands.

Strange as it sounds, these brands run their ads in such new and small apps, regardless of their brand value.

Income Type:

There are 5 types of income plans in Ads Exchange.

  • View ad revenue yourself
  • direct sponsor income
  • level income
  • daily level income
  • reward income

What are the terms and conditions

  • Registration free
  • One email per account
  • Daily payout
  • Minimum withdrawal 500.
  • Payment mode IMPS.
  • 10% admin charge & 5% service charges.
  • 2 Direct Mandatory for withdrawal ads Income

Joining Fee:

If you join the Ads Exchange App plan then you have to pay Rs 999. The registration is free but you need to activate your account. The activation charge is Rs 999.

We recommended our viewers earn money from a legit site or app. IND money is one of the legit apps. You can earn Rs 500 signup bonus when you create a new account. You just need to use these codes at the time of signup to receive the bonus.

You can earn money by investing in US Stock. You will get a free uS stock of Tesla, Amazon, Google or Apple worth Rs 250 to Rs 1000 when you deposit a minimum amount of Rs 500 to Your US Stock from the app itself. You will get a Free US Demate and Treading account. You can withdraw this amount anytime you wish.

Read This article to know more about INDMoney.

INDmoney App – Open Free US Stock A/c and Get Rs.1000 Bonus

Use these Codes at registration to earn Free US Stock.

ESM4SS7UAMZ -> Amazon Stock

ZQV4SS7UTSL -> Tesla Stock

MOK4SS7UAPL -> Apple Stock

Note: To claim US Stock of Tesla, Amazon or Apple you must have to add funds.

After reviewing so many websites, our team found how they work.

Ads Exchange App Real or Fake:

No, It is not a real app. This is a fake app. We have the following reason to call it a fake app.

  • There is no information about its founder.
  • The design is not good.
  • No contact details are found on the website.
  • No address details are found on the website.
  • No social media accounts were found.
  • Many complain online.
  • The fake certificate and the proof are shown in the app
  • Found many bad reviews online.
  • No proof of withdrawal.
  • Sometimes the system is not working.
  • Dead links are found on the website.
  • Why do big companies promote themselves on this new and small platform?

There are already many apps available in the market which look alike. If you want to invest in this, you can invest your money and try your luck.

Videos to prove it is a fake app?

Src: Tech Browser Youtube Channel

Src: Mr. Tech Youtube channel

Ads Exchange Withdrawal Proof:

We don’t have its withdrawal proof. If you get it share it with us in our telegram group.

Is Ads Exchange App Fraud?

Yes, it is a fraud app. We never recommend you to invest in this type of fraud app.


We do not recommend you to invest in Ad Exchange because it is a scam. You can invest in the INDMoney app.


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